By Lynda Hirsch

February 10, 2018 3 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Brooke and Ridge's wedding is perfect. Brooke has Ridge put Stephanie's portrait over the fireplace. Looking up at the portrait after saying I do, Brooke hears Stephanie congratulating her and chastising her. Liam is still crushed by Steffy having slept with Bill and cannot bring himself to attend the wedding. Wyatt tells Liam that Katie is the woman in his life. After the shock wears off, Liam tells Wyatt his no "strings" attached statement will keep Katie and Wyatt become the couple Wyatt longs for. While setting up a romantic evening for Katie, Wyatt spots the telescope that looks into the Forrester Estate. He is stunned when he sees Thorne and Katie sharing a kiss. Bill tells Carter he is not giving up on Steffy. It appears Carter is not giving up on re-uniting with Maya, even thogu she assures him her life with Rick is perfect.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Nathan's friends and family say a tearful goodbye to the fallen hero. After an official policeman funeral, Spinelli and Amy sing Danny Boy. Nelle and Ava's plot to bring down Carly begins. Michael and Carly are not happy when Nelle suggests the baby should be named Morgan. In New York, Sonny is concerned when Mike has memory problems. Rita is the barmaid Jason gave his watch two when he escaped from Russia. Peter (Henrick) tenders his resignation at Aurora. With Valentin claiming the child Anna gave away was a boy, Anna is pleased that she no longer has to search for Henrick. After Anna leaves, Valentin calls Henrick and says Anna bought his story. Anna continues to back away from a relationship with Finn. Franco is shaken when Jim comes to Charlie's Place and talks about their past connection in front of Elizabeth. After Carly sets him up in a new home, Jason invites Danny to sleep over. Jason is happy when Danny calls him "dad."


"THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS": Devon tells Victor about Noah's drunken incident at Top of the Tower. Victor calls Noah to his office and calls him to task for his behavior. Noah thanks Victor for his tough love. Devon introduces Hilary to Simone and Hilary is jealous. Jack informs Traci that he's already hired someone to replace Ashley. Victoria tells Victor that she believes Ashley accept the job as part of a Jabot plot to uncover Newman secrets. Meanwhile, Ashley keeps her cool. Later, Victoria meets with Jack and suggests they work together to get Ashley out of Newman and back to Jabot. Devon and Hilary argue about The Hilary Hour and Hilary is offended when Devon mentions that Hilary's hormones are causing her to misbehave. When Lily and Cane decide to renew their wedding vows on Valentine's day, JT suggests to Victoria they do the same. Victoria turns him down and they decide for now they like thing the way they are. Chelsea is furious when Phyliss suggests she is hacking her own website.


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