By Lynda Hirsch

February 17, 2018 3 min read

"General Hospital" picked up a writers guild award for best soap this week. It is up for an Emmy this year and will have a lock on those awards for next year. The show's long goodbye to Nathan was heartbreaking. Best was Ryan Paevey's acting. Unlike the horrific scenario of Tracy leaving town when Jane Eliot exited the show after a 40-year acting gig, there were no false moments. Having Maxie wear a blood-stained pink coat invoked the tragic scene of Jackie Kennedy wearing the same color and it was soul-crushing. The beautiful tributes from Nathan's friends and family must have had stock prices for Kleenex soaring. The military salute, Dante reading the poem to a fallen cop, giving Maxie the flag from Nathan's coffin, Dante packing up the things from the desk they shared at the police station... it was all so on point. Anyone who has lost a loved oneknows how hard such a simple act can be. Having Dante save the New York Yankee's cup was beautiful. The police officers who were once unsure of each other bonded over their love for the Yankees. The feeling of hopelessness we have all felt when trying to console someone we love who has lost someone is a universal truth, and soaps are the best when it comes to Universal truths. Spinelli and Amy singing "Danny Boy" at the wake was spellbinding, as was the scene when Spinelli asked Maxie to come to Portland after the funeral — so on point. He wanted to fix things for her. She told him he could not. It's relatable, because we want to help and make it all better, but we can't. Read the book "When Bad things Happen to Good People" by Harold Kushner. The book is a master class on how to help those around us as they are in crisis.

The bonding of characters over the tragic loss was amazing. Maxie and Leisel: a wife and mother coming together in their grief. Nina and Maxie planning Nathan's funeral. The separation of best friends Maxie and Lulu. All of the acting is Emmy worthy. Kristen Storms was astounding, from praying for Nathan to live to thinking he was going to survive, and then accepting he was dead and how she needed to move on for the sake of her unborn child. Every note was perfect.

Speaking of Kristen Storms, no, she is not pregnant in real life. She took to instagram to deny the rumors in a post reading: "This is the only time I will address this on social media. 1. No - I'm not pregnant in real life. Just in GH life (where they pad me up to look prego in maternity clothes). 2. I like to wear loose clothes because THEY ARE COMFY. and 3. If you wouldn't say something to a person on the street, don't say it to someone online. It's still rude. And I don't do rude. Just like I refuse to turn around and start judging your appearance by the photos you post. #keepitclassyladies." Way to shut down a rumor!

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