By Lynda Hirsch

January 11, 2020 6 min read

"THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL": Thomas tells Liam to get used to having him in his life. A new man asks Steffy out on a date. Thomas becomes suspicious when he walks in on a private conversation between Steffy and Zoe. Separately, Liam shares with Steffy and Hope that Thomas threatened him. Hope demands the truth from Thomas about his threat to Liam and his relationship with Zoe. Ridge reveals to Carter that he feels Steffy and Liam still love one another. A proposal of marriage is made, but it comes with a very serious stipulation. Thomas and Douglas arrive just as Liam is still proposing. Thomas makes big accusations against Liam to Hope. Ridge and Steffy share warm-hearted father/daughter moments. Hope begs Liam to not attach the condition he wants to his proposal. Liam attempts to get Hope to realize that Thomas is still obsessed with her. Liam confesses to Steffy the painful details of his proposal to Hope. Thomas learns new information when he eavesdrops on a personal conversation between Hope and Brooke. Steffy tells Liam she doesn't want to hear about how much he loves Hope. Thomas secretly tails Hope as she goes to Steffy's to find Liam. Thomas puts his next plan into action, using Steffy as temptation. Believing that he has changed, Ridge pleads with Brooke to forgive Thomas. Thomas is pleased as things between Steffy, Liam, and Hope get messy. Ridge queries Brooke about Liam's demand that Hope cut all ties with Thomas in order to marry her. Brooke makes it clear that one day Ridge will see Thomas for who he really is.


"YOUNG AND RESTLESS": Mariah is furious that Tessa has once again kept a secret from her. Mariah storms out and meets with Sharon to share news about Tessa's latest betrayal At Crimson Lights, Billy meets with Amanda and questions the nature of their relationship. Amanda admits there is chemistry between them but they must remain friends as he is married. The next day, Jack surprises Kyle with a birthday party at Jabot. Theo learns about the party but insists he's not upset about not receiving an invitation. Lola is upset that Kyle refuses to give Theo a chance. Kyle retorts that Lola is letting Theo interfere in their marriage. Devon is elated over Elena's idea to open a medical clinic at the New Hope housing center. Elena sees that Devon is distracted. She urges him to hire Chance to get information about Amanda so he can have some closure and move on in the New Year. Adam visits Victor at the Ranch and shares that he does not want Connor to be excluded from Newman family events to spare Nick's feelings. Victor cautions him on trusting Chelsea.


"DAYS OF OUR LIVES": When Ciara confronts Victor about him setting Ben up for Jordan's murder, he suffers a stroke. Maggie, Brady and Ciara pray that Victor will survive the surgery to remove the blood clot. Nicole is stunned when she learns she will be working with Kristen at Basic Black. Lani, continuing to let people think she is a nun, seeks help from JJ. JJ says she can move in with him and he will keep her secret. Brady tells John he has lost Nicole and Kristen. Xander warns Ciara not to cause trouble for him. She retorts that she is not afraid. Kate tries to convince Will not to divorce Sonny. Evan is about to kiss Sonny when Rafe arrives. Hope/Gina tells Rafe she is firing him from the police force. He tells her he will fight it with the Union as he has done nothing wrong. Kayla tries to deal with the news that Steve is in love with another woman. Jack is furious, unaware that Steve is really Stefano, by Steve's callous attitude. Eli is supportive of Gabi when he thinks her crime against Lani was making her beg, not that she has control of Julie's pacemaker. With Ben losing his appeal in his death sentence case, Clyde suggest they break out. Steve, aka Stefano, lets Kristin know he is her father.


"GENERAL HOSPITAL": Just as Nina and Valentin are about to wed, Nikolas arrives carrying a nearly drowned Ava who was pushes over the ledge by Valentin. Laura is thrilled Nikolas is alive, and she slaps him in the face for all the years he let his family think he was dead. The gathering is stunned when Ava announces she and Nikolas are married. Told she will go back to prison if she has anything to do with Jason, Alexis is furious when he learns Carly has planned a secret meeting between Sam and Jason. Not wanting Sam to break her parole, Jason says they have to follow the law and cannot see each other. Sonny wants to go ahead with Max's experimental treatment plan. Julian stays at the bedside of the still comatose Lucas. Brad assures Wiley "daddy" Lucas will soon be home. Valentin tries to kidnap Charlotte. When he is stopped, Valentin tells Lulu he is still fighting for custody and hires Martin to be his lawyer. Valentin is arrested for fraud. Anna decides not to tell the police of Peter's illegal involvements. Violet wants to know why her mother left her. Finn and Anna wonder the same thing.


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