By Lynda Hirsch

January 13, 2018 3 min read

This year's Golden Globes had some shinny moments. The moment that has received the most buzz may have been Oprah's speech. Many were left wondering if she might make a run for President in 2020. That might be far-fetched. I had the pleasure of working with Oprah for years. We first met when she hosted and I guested on "People Are Talking" in Baltimore. She loved soaps — especially "All My Children." When she worked on the Baltimore show, she had an insufferable co-host. After doing the show twice a month for several years, Oprah came to me and said "Lynda, I do not know when I will see you again." Whoa. She had a job offer. She told me that she had a slot in Chicago, and that is how Oprah Winfrey became "Oprah."

I also worked on her show when it went national. During that time, she decided to veer away from lighter stuff like soaps. Another risky but bold career move for her. Will she run for president? Who knows. But if she decides not to, it will not be out of fear or the willingness to take chances.

James Franco, who won a best actor Golden Globe for his work in "The Disaster Artist," has a soap opera past. He brought Franco to "General Hospital." Franco was responsible for murder and mayhem in Port Charles. Steve Burton (Jason) and he spent lots of time hating each other on the screen. Off-screen, they collaborated on some other projects, as well. Franco and Burton are the kind of guys that always have a dozen things going on at one time.

My first brush with James Franco was in 2002. His grandmother, Mitzie Verne, lived in my hometown and was an art appraiser. She came to my home to appraise what I thought was an ancient room divider; Grandma Mitzie looked at it and proclaimed it was only 200 years old. At the time, she had talked about heading to LA that weekend to be her grandson's date at the Academy Awards. He was going to the event for his work on "Spiderman." How sweet is that?

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