Rock and Relax with These New CDs

By Lee Littlewood

February 7, 2015 4 min read

Music made for children has evolved dramatically in the past 10 years. With high-quality music just as lush and well-produced as adult tunes, this gamut of new CDs is well worth a listen.

All are, or soon will be, available at such outlets as iTunes and Amazon, though I always like to promote local small businesses that sell CDs.

"Let's Boogie!" from Rock'N'Rainbow; $14.95.

Kids love bright colors and energetic dance tunes. The latest from this popular "Glam Kindie" band takes listeners to another dimension where "rainbows are plentiful and always sonically charged." This high-energy collection of funk-rock songs has titles such as "Hokey Funky," "Early Morning Knee-Slappin' Blues" and, yes, "Everybody Farts."

Celebrating getting outside on scooters and bikes and boogying down, "Let's Boogie!" is designed to encourage healthy lifestyles. Rock'N'Rainbow head Mike Whitia, from Rainbow Songs, wants "everyone to put down their phones and dance together!"

With nods to Queen, Deep Purple and Sly and the Family Stone, songs like "Let's Boogie" and "Faster Scooter Cat" have great riffs and more reasons to shake it. A crazy-cool spectrum of music with fabulous sonic quality, layers of details and, above all, fun, fun, fun, "Let's Boogie" rocks.

"Watching the Nighttime Come" from Suz Slezah.

Slezah knows how to present elegant and high-quality folk style in this mellow new CD for end-of-the-day relaxing or quiet times. Her voice is calm and lovely on "Where Did You Come From?" and "Leather Winged Bat." There are also a couple of instrumental tracks and one, "Tailis Canon," with a classical feel. There's also "Caballito Blanco," a Chilean folk tune, and one true lullaby called "Yodel Lullaby."

"Watching the Nighttime Come" is a truly lovely, calming collection of soft, beautiful tunes.

"How to Be a Cloud" by Kira Willey.

From award-winning songwriter and children's yoga teacher Kira Willey comes her third in a series of kids' yoga CDs. With 13 joyful songs that can be played for yoga, family exercise or dancing around the house, this CD would be complete and truly fun alone. As an extra bonus though, eight of the songs are turned into yoga tracks with easy-to-follow instructions that teach self-awareness, improve balance and strength, and build confidence. Songs include "Gotta Lotta Happy," "Wings on a String" and "Bloom." All are upbeat folk pop tunes kids will love.

"123 Con Andres!" from Salsana Records.

This zesty new CD is perfect for bilingual youngsters or any kids who like exotic, fun tunes. With a variety of Spanish-speaking songs that encompass bachata, bolero and mariachi, to name a few, there are also some reggae, funk, rock and salsa songs included. With a really fun beat, song titles include "Nuestra Fiesta," "Daddy Was a Migrant Worker," "Where Does My Salad Come From?" and "Los Colores." Here's a fun link to see Andres and his band perform: ps://

"Grandchildren's Delight: Best Loved Songs from the Good Old Days" by Daria.

Daria's family CDs are well reviewed and popular. This CD aims to bond children and grandparents with "Best Loved Songs from the Good Old Days," from "Be Kind to Your Web Footed Friends" to "Do Your Ears Hang Low...?" and "This Little Light of Mine." Daria, known for her work in children's issues and community building, is also known for creating fresh new sounds for popular songs.

Need a refreshing but retro fun CD for family members from age 2 to 92? This is it!

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