Hot Enough For You?

By Joseph Farah

January 13, 2009 5 min read

While you've been trying to figure out how to stay warm this winter — and, I mean, even if you live in Los Angeles or Las Vegas — the bureaucrats getting ready to take power in the Barack Hussein Obama administration have been planning to cool you off.

They are looking at taking the mental illness known as "Global Warming Syndrome" to a whole new plateau. But let me first explain a little background.

The Environmental Protection Agency, a wholly unconstitutional government bureaucracy to begin with, is authorized by the Clean Air Act to regulate certain pollutants. It is not technically authorized to do anything about carbon dioxide because, well, CO2 is not a pollutant. It is, instead, a naturally occurring gas prevalent in our atmosphere without which all life would cease to exist.

However, all that will change if the Obama administration gets its way — and, for the life of me, I can't figure out any way to prevent that from happening.

The Obama administration, perhaps in concert with the Democrat-dominated Congress, will likely declare CO2 a pollutant, even though it's not. That would allow the EPA to serve as an enforcement arm in setting rules on carbon emissions.

For the first time in history, a naturally occurring and widely common gas in our atmosphere will be declared a pollutant by the federal government. How crazy is that? You see, Obama and the Democrats believe — or say they believe — that carbon emissions cause global warming.

Let me try to drop a little sanity into this equation:

— Warming and cooling of the planet is cyclical, as we can see through historical records.

— It has nothing to do with carbon dioxide levels, at least not as a cause and effect mechanism. There is more evidence to suggest warming causes increases in carbon dioxide than there is to suggest the reverse.

— Warming has nothing to do with man's activity on the planet.

— The worst-case warming scenarios predicted by climate-change doomsayers — about 4.5 degrees Celsius — would actually be beneficial to the planet, forestation, farming and humanity.

Despite all that, look for Obama and the Democrats to declare war with carbon dioxide in an all-out effort to stop global warming. But understand what this war is really all about:

— It's not about global warming.

— It's about global power.

— It's about global fleecing.

— It's about further demolishing what's left of the U.S. economy so we're all more dependent on government.

— It's about global control.

— It's about maintaining power and never letting go.

We are witnessing the biggest con game ever perpetrated in the history of the world. By the way, lots of other countries around the world are getting wise to the fraud.

While a few years ago Europe was goading the U.S. to get serious about fighting climate change, country after country is recognizing what restrictions on carbon production would mean to their economies. In the midst of a global recession, they see it is no time for playing games.

— Poland rejected a "bribe" to sign on to European Union standards.

— Germany asked for exemptions for its industrial sectors.

— Italy says "it's obvious the goals are impossible."

— France says expensive plans to explore carbon capture and storage need to be scaled back.

Only England is still gung-ho — and, of course, the U.S. under Obama. Can you believe so many people have been hoodwinked and conned by this pseudo-scientific power grab? Watch out, because the EPA carbon Nazis may soon be knocking on your door to examine just how big your carbon footprint is.

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