Holiday Sparklers

By Sharon Mosley

November 21, 2017 4 min read

Get your glow on. The holidays are time to shine with sparkling fashion that lights up the party scene. So, get ready to put on the glitz. Here are the season's top favorite ways to brighten up your festive wardrobe in a flash.

—Seek out the sequins. Of course, these little shiny decorative danglers have come a long way from their original Indian origins 3000 years ago. But today, metal sequins have morphed into all kinds of innovative plastic disks that swing and sway on everything from sweatshirts to evening gowns. The popularity of all this shimmer never seems to dim. At the recent American Music Awards show, stars rocked the shiny stuff...from Tracie Ellis Ross's sequined jumpsuit and boots (borrowed from her Mom Diana Ross's closet) to Heidi Klum's floor-length rainbow striped sequined evening gown.

—Apply for your patents. Sequins may only be one way to shine this holiday season, but they are not the only way to get your glow on. Glossy patent leathers are finding their way into our party wardrobes in everything from trench coats to knee-high boots. These coated leathers turn up in fashionese as "liquid" leather, "lacquered" leather and the imitation plastic leather, "pleather." The perfect holiday coverup? How about a red lacquered coated anorak from 3.1Phillip Lim?

—Make a foil of yourself. There's a new denim game in town, and it's "foiled" jeans. Shiny leather gold or silver gets transferred right onto denim to instantly update basic jeans or jeggings...perfect for glamming up a holiday outfit. Jean jackets that get the foil treatment are also a new way to give your casual party clothes a new lease on life. Check them out at your favorite retailers from Lane Bryant to Gap to Versace, where even the guys will find gold-foiled floral print T-shirts.

—Weave it in. Another way to shine for the holidays is to wear knits with metallic yarns woven in. The "Lurex," the brand name of The Lurex Company, Ltd., has been known for over 60 years for its glittering fibers of glittering plasticized yarns that weave their way through all kinds of stylish clothes and accessories for the whole family. Designers regularly use Lurex in their collections, and it crops up especially at holiday time in sweaters, dresses and even blazers. This season, check it out in glittery boot socks from Hunter Boots — a great gift item.

—Sparkle with jewels. Of course, this one's a no-brainer! But it may be one of the easiest ways to get your holiday glow on. Pearls are one of the season's most subtle ways to add a little shimmer — in choker necklaces, long pendants or stitched right onto collars and cuffs. Crystals are always party poppers...this season in giant chandelier earrings or rock size rings. The celestial themes are playing starring roles this year. Check out all the fun constellation pieces at Bauble Bar.

—Sprinkle some glitter on your face. Gloss is boss, and not just in your clothes, but on your face, too. Put your best party face forward with shimmer and shine in swooshes of highlighter on your cheeks. Add some pink gloss to your lips and finish off your eyes with a surprise dash of glitter. It's all at Topshop, even the "Disco Ball" eyeshadow. Now that's a holiday party!

(SET CAPTION) Skinny jeans get the shine treatment at Standards & Practices with Pastille's blush gold foiled jeans. ( (END CAPTION)

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