Feasting on Fashion Blessings

By Sharon Mosley

November 8, 2016 4 min read

It's that time of year when we all think about what we're thankful for — and not only for the turkey on the table — but for the many other blessings we have, including our fashion favorites. After all, most of us do get dressed everyday, and let's face it...times have changed. And when it comes to what we wear, well, there are many things we can be grateful for. Feast on a few of my favorites:

—Online shopping. I still love to browse through a beautiful boutique on a Saturday morning or mosey through the mall with the masses looking for bargains. But ever since the internet brought the world to our fingertips, online shopping has been one of my favorite "hobbies." I can finally find those "hard-to-find" fashion trends that I write about every week. That pair of crushed velvet ankle boots is delivered right to my door! But I have to admit that I never get tired of feasting my eyes on all those store windows dressed up in their holiday finery.

—Sizes for everyone. When was the last time you heard someone say, "I just can't find anything in my size?" Now many fashion designers have recognized the power of the purse of the "average" size 14 woman and her sisters of all shapes and body types. There are entire stores and collections designed with curvy women in mind. Models are also becoming much more representative of "real" women on the runways and pages of fashion magazines. We've come a long way, baby!

Denim for day, for work, for evening. I grew up in jeans — bellbottoms were my uniform — but my mom would never let me wear jeans to school, much less to work. Now denim has become a staple in our wardrobes at work and at parties. It all depends on how you dress them up or down, of course. But when one of my friends wore her new velvet jacket with a silk bow blouse and a pair of cropped jeans and high heels to a cocktail party recently, it was truly chic with a little bit of edgy glamour...a new holiday classic!

—Ageless style. As baby boomers age, and more and more women (and men) are easing into their 70s and 80s, the fashion "rules" have indeed changed. Fashion is really growing up. It's not all about the 16-year-olds anymore. There's a new attitude among the older crowd, and it's all about dressing the way you want to, looking good and feeling great. There are lots of older role models showing up on TV and in the media. So throw on your jeans and that leather moto-jacket and slip into some cowboy boots. It's time to rock a good time with fashion no matter your age.

—Comfort clothes. The "ath-leisure" trend is no longer a fad. True, rolling off the couch and into the street in your sweat pants may not be the best look, but there are plenty of ways to get comfortable in your clothes these days. Leggings have revolutionized the yoga to streetwear scene, and they are just getting better! But quality knits have definitely given our wardrobes a big dose of relaxing style, and ditto for all the soft stuff — especially the new faux furs. Wrapping up this holiday season has never been so comfy cozy...something we can all be thankful for!

 Fashion gets soft and cozy in faux fur. Short faux fur jacket at www.zara.com.
Fashion gets soft and cozy in faux fur. Short faux fur jacket at www.zara.com.

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