Prepping for Fall

By Sharon Mosley

August 2, 2016 4 min read

It's the final countdown! It's time to start working on your to-do list before the fall frenzy of getting back in the swing of a new season. So stop sweating and think about the big chill ahead. Here's how to prep your wardrobe for the next few months:

—First, if you have kids, get them ready to head back to school. Plan a shopping trip to coincide with local tax-free days if possible. Explore deals online, but remember to allow plenty of time for these purchases to arrive. There's nothing worse than ordering a special backpack, and not having it in time for the first day of school.

—Make a back-to-school list with your kids involved, so they feel included in the process. Most kids do have an opinion on what they want to wear, and you both will have a better idea of specific items to zero in on when shopping. Even if your kids wear uniforms, they still crave trendy styles. This year, kids are channeling the '90s, sporting denim everything, of course, but also grunge-inspired looks with plaid shirts, graphic tees and flannel dresses.

—After the kids are back in school, then take stock of your own closet. Most of us wait until spring to do a big clean-out, but why not clear out your closet twice a year, instead of just once? You have to make room for a few new fall clothes, right? So get busy, and before you start shopping, get rid of what you haven't worn in a few years. Be honest with yourself and consider what looks best on you, even if it takes a few minutes of staring into a mirror. If you're not comfortable in that maxi skirt that drags you down or that jacket that you're always tugging on, then donate it to your favorite charity.

—Take notes on what you need to replace. After you lose the clutter of the things you never wear, make a list of what you do wear... All. The. Time. Those favorite boots you've worn down at the heels. The skinny jeans that are distressed in all the wrong places. The blouse with two buttons that have popped off ... in all the wrong places. Then repair or replace. If you know what kinds of clothes you continuously gravitate to, then you will know what to buy...and what you will actually wear.

—Take some fashion risks. Every new season is a chance to try out some new trends. No, you don't have to be a fashion victim snapping up every funky fad just for the heck of it, but take some time to peruse the latest style magazines and cruise the internet for inspiration. Look for fresh ways to update your wardrobe: a new sleeveless vest, a graphic print blouse, a color blocked skirt, a suede jacket or a flared pantsuit. Fill in the gaps in your wardrobe ...whether it's for your professional life, your casual life or party life.

—Shop the sales. Believe it or not, now is a great time to buy a winter coat....or a pair of boots. Denim is another hot fashion item available since back-to-school sales are in full swing. You'll find the best selection of winter apparel in stores and online months before the temperature dips below freezing. Take advantage of the pre-sales on fall/winter classics. You'll find more colors, more sizes and more bargains. Start your shopping engines now!

(SET CAPTION) Prep your wardrobe for fall by adding new trends like a sleeveless jacket and mock turtleneck teamed with culottes. Alfani at Macy's.( (END CAPTION)

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