10 Fashion Trends for 2020: Days of Future Past

By Sharon Mosley

January 14, 2020 4 min read

What can we expect in a new decade from fashion's most creative movers and shakers? All you have to do is take a look back at the past and into the future ... not an easy way to predict the up-and-coming fashion trends, but there's always a new way to put all the oldies but goodies together with a new spin ... sometimes even with a touch of fantasy. Here is a quick look at the style trends you can expect to see this year.

— Things that go "pouf!" You got an early glimpse of the puffy sleeves and puffy skirts and puffy bows at the recent Golden Globe awards. Even Jennifer Lopez traded in her usual sleek and chic look for a voluminous swath of a dress that seemed to take on a life of its own, Scarlett O'Hara style.

— And more puffy. The puffer coat is another fashion trend that is taking the winter season by storm. In quilted versions, the puffer, once a ski slope favorite, is taking to the streets in jackets, vests and coats that are slimmed down and built for warmth and style.

— Ruffles have skirts. Ruffles are another romantic trend flirting with fashion this spring and summer. The tiered ruffled skirt dances into the season in full swing.

— Birds of a feather do flock together in another one of fashion's favorite trends this year. Feathers are flying on tops, dresses, hemlines and more. My tip: Buy a fun boa wrap in a trendy color like orange or neon green, and fly off into the sunset.

— Lush and plush. The faux fur trend is going strong. These imitation fibers keep getting better and better, softer and softer. Expect to see more and more of the luxury trend, especially in outerwear, in bold colors that stand out for day and night. For spring, try a zebra print for a refreshing change.

— Wild floral prints. Think psychedelic, bright and bold. There are no shrinking violets in the latest crop of floral designs blooming on next season's runway. Retro wallpaper prints are fun and festive. Go head-to-toe in a maxi dress or short and not-so-sweet in a cropped jacket.

— Crochet any day. Not your grandmother's doilies, the latest crocheted designs are popping up not only on swimwear cover-ups but also in dresses, crop tops, rompers and accessories of all kinds. The bra top is a major trend — another throwback to the decade of the '60s that is having a modern moment.

— The short stuff. Miniskirts and hot pants. The short flashback to the '70s is once again turning heads. Thankfully, there are plenty of maxi skirts and dresses to give everyone a choice when it comes to baring legs ... and there are always black tights.

— The slouchy suit. The relaxed suit is making strides into our wardrobes with roomy trousers and strong-shouldered jackets. In white, it's a winner this spring and summer. Paired with a big-collared shirt, the suit is a disco dynamo.

— The flared pants. Skinny pants are still going strong, but with silhouettes shifting into a new decade, the flared pant is promising to be a new favorite. Whether in denim or in tailored trousers, it has a '70s feel and is a sophisticated update for a new decade.

Catch a new vision of fashion trends for 2020: oversized jackets, flared pants and big bows shown in Chanel's latest resort collection at Neiman Marcus.
Catch a new vision of fashion trends for 2020: oversized jackets, flared pants and big bows shown in Chanel's latest resort collection at Neiman Marcus.

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