The Jean Pool

By Sharon Mosley

August 14, 2018 4 min read

Chances are a new pair of jeans is on your fall shopping list. Whether you're headed back to school, want a new look at the office or just want to replace those old yoga pants, dip into the jean pool this fall and come up with a whole new way to do denim. Check out these top trends:

—Don't skimp on the skinnies. Lean jeans are not going anywhere. After seasons of skinny jeans, they've become a staple in our wardrobes. After all, they're perfect for tucking into boots — another fall fashion favorite. Find a brand that fits you, and stock up on darker washes.

—Crop it. The popular ankle-length for spring and summer is still going strong for fall. The cropped silhouettes are moving to the roomier wider legs for next year. Pair with ankle boots and long sweaters to update them for a new season.

—Send out distressed signals. The raw and rugged jeans also continue to be a favorite denim "do." Change out those denim shorts for longer jeans cuffed with frayed hems. Wear them with socks and old-school penny loafers. In the softest of denim, these casual jeans promise to be your go-to comfort clothes for chilly fall weekends.

—Get waisted. High-waisted jeans are at the top of the trend list. They may be referred to as "mom" jeans, but the latest interpretations of the high-rise jean are anything but dowdy. Whether they're belted or fitted, the newest jeans highlight the mid-section and give us a whole new reason to tuck in those tops.

—Go beyond the blues. While darker denim may be a traditional fall favorite, don't put away your white jeans just yet. There are lots of ways to warm them up with a black turtleneck or a denim jacket. Or better yet, buy a pair of creamy white jeans to start out a new season. There are also lots of new red hues on the denim horizon, from the pinkest of pinks to rosy reds and burgundies. And if you really want to add some color to your jean wardrobe, check out dip-dye denim.

—Flare up. Bootcuts are one of the most flattering cuts of denim for fall, but even wider jeans are making news. Harking back to the '70s, these flares are more sophisticated than the bell-bottoms of yesteryear. With figure-flattering stretch, side slits, inset stripes and all sorts of embellished trims, these new wide-legs are ready to roll into a new era.

—Add some details. Decorated jeans are another fun trend for fall this year. Whether it's a whole row of embroidered flowers running down the side of your pants or just a touch of patchwork on the pockets or tassels dangling from the hem, the more embellishment, the more personality.

—Go west. Denim gets back to its roots this fall with western-inspired silhouettes and collections. Get ready to rodeo with rugged denim jackets, faded jean skirts, ruffled prairie dresses and chambray cowboy shirts. Now, that's how to ride into fall in style.

(SET CAPTION)Jeans are on the rise this fall in high-waisted silhouettes. Pilcro high-rise bootcut jeans from Anthropologie ( CAPTION)

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