Ingenious Inventions Make Cooking Enjoyable And Easy

January 19, 2009 4 min read

Try and count how many times you have been frustrated when doing kitchen tasks by hand, from slicing avocados to dicing eggs. Amco Houseworks offers inventive tools and accessories to simplify and enhance your cooking experience.

Innovative items include:

— Avocado Slicer & Pitter: Avocados can be a slippery mess. With this device, the avocado-colored nylon loop end removes the pit without damaging the ripe fruit, lassoing the pit for easy removal. On the other end, a wire slicer not only equally slices the fruit; it also removes it. Suggested retail price is $15.

— Melon Seeder & Slicer: Eliminate the chance of injury with a knife while taking care of melons. This tool does double duty by easily seeding and slicing cantaloupe, honeydew and other thick rind melons. Simply halve or quarter the melon, then use one end to scoop out the seeds and the other end to slice into melon boats or squares. Suggested retail price is $12.

— Garlic Press & Slicer: This device allows you to both slice and press garlic with two separate chambers. One side presses while the other slices a clove into eight perfect slices. The press is made of cast aluminum with a nonstick coating; it comes with a plastic cleaning piece and is dishwasher safe. Suggested retail price is $20.

— Rub-A-Way Bar: Simply rub your hands around this bar after working with odoriferous foods such as onions, garlic and fish to rid your hands of offensive odors. Suggested retail price is $8.

— 3-in-1 Egg Slicer: Creatively cutting hard-boiled eggs with a knife is a challenge. This tool is equipped with two shields allowing you to slice in two different directions, depending on the placement of the egg, or to cut wedges. The slicer can also be used with other soft foods such as mushrooms and strawberries. Suggested retail price is $12.

— Lasagna Pan: A mainstay of many families, this is one dish especially tough to clean. This Professional Lifetime Nonstick Lots of Lasagna Pan combines the best of nonstick materials with commercial baking technology: even baking and browning, durability and excellent heat conduction with the corrosion resistance of an aluminum/steel alloy. Suggested retail price is $26.

— Ojex Juicer: This cast iron juicer easily extracts every last drop of citrus juice from oranges, grapefruits, lemons and limes without the bitter oils from the rind, pulp or seeds. An additional attachment allows for squeezing of juice from other fruits including apples, grapes, berries, pineapples and tomatoes. Available in orange, white, black, red and cobalt enamels, suggested retail price is $100.

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