It's All About Citizenship

By Richard Morris & Eileen McGann

June 16, 2018 3 min read

The Democrats and their media allies constantly and deliberately miss the point when the debate turns to "Dreamers" and immigration.

Some Republicans, not including Donald Trump, want the "Dreamers" — children who were illegally brought into the United States by their parents — thrown out, or at least not allowed to stay legally.

But most, including the president, are willing for them to stay but not to be given a special path to citizenship and voting rights.

The Democrats only really want their votes and, therefore, citizenship.

Without citizenship, they don't much care if the "Dreamers" stay or are forced to leave.

So the compromise is obvious: Let them stay but not become citizens until they go through the normal process of returning home and coming back legally.

Republicans would support that and so would Trump.

But for Democrats, the compromise is just too obvious.

The party is pretending to protect them from deportation when, in reality, it really only wants their ballots. Without citizenship or voting rights, the Democrats couldn't care less.

The "Dreamers," of course, don't care as much about citizenship as being allowed to stay and make a living. That is the Achilles heel in the Democratic position.

By echoing the Democratic line that the issue is letting the "Dreamers" live here rather than insisting on voting rights, the media are perpetuating the Democratic deception.

Remember that the entire issue of "Dreamers" was fabricated by former President Barack Obama and his political team to put an attractive face on illegal immigration. They invented this subset of immigrants in the United States illegally to skirt the very real objections to amnesty for those who knowingly broke the law and came here as adults.

Now their goal is to smuggle them into the electorate to create 2 million or 3 million new Democrats.

Let them stay!

Let them work!

But don't let them become citizens and vote.

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