Savage Warns Trump to Watch His Back

By Richard Morris & Eileen McGann

May 3, 2017 2 min read

Watch your back, Michael Savage advises President Donald Trump in his new best-seller, "Trump's War: His Battle for America." It's not as much the guys in front of you — the Democrats — as those behind you — your own party and appointees — who you have to watch, Savage warns.

Trump won the Republican nomination and then the election. But he didn't conquer the Republican Party. He defeated it in its own primary, but he's a bit like an independent candidate who won the Republican primaries. He sits atop a party filled with people who don't like him, didn't support him and just don't get him. But if he's not Republican enough to win Republican loyalty in Congress, he still is Republican enough that the Democrats won't give him votes or support.

He's a man without a party.

To win, Savage says wisely, he has to rise up and become a man above parties.

His problems began when he formed his administration. He had two kindred spirits — Stephen Bannon and Michael Flynn. A great one-two punch. Then the Democrats lynched Flynn and came close to taking out Bannon.

They have left Trump with a cabinet that doesn't really see things as he does; with a State Department that doesn't want to leave NAFTA and alienate Mexico; with a national security advisor that won't get tough with Iran or to rip up the nuclear deal Trump ran against; with a holdover Veterans Affairs administration that still gives bonuses to those who make vets wait for health care; with much of the same IRS crowd that targeted conservatives; and with a treasury secretary who won't call China a trade manipulator.

Savage's message: With friends like these you don't need enemies.

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