The Dirty Dozen: The GOP Senators Who Opposed Trump's Emergency Declaration

By Richard Morris & Eileen McGann

March 14, 2019 3 min read

Twelve Republican senators did not think the massive flow of more than 65,000 illegal immigrants over our southern border each month was enough of a problem to declare a national emergency! They put their focus on maintaining the power of the Senate ahead of our interest in keeping our jobs and controlling our borders.

Remember the names. When they come to us for support or for our votes, remember how they treated our priorities and needs when they were on the line and the stakes were high.

The dirty dozen are:

Marco Rubio, Florida

Lamar Alexander, Tennessee

Susan Collins, Maine

Mike Lee, Utah

Lisa Murkowski, Alaska

Roy Blunt, Missouri

Rand Paul, Kentucky

Pat Toomey, Pennsylvania

Rob Portman, Ohio

Jerry Moran, Kansas

Roger Wicker, Mississippi

Mitt Romney, Utah

With the exception of Collins, none of them are on the ballot in 2020, so they are playing the D.C. game of only voting against our will after we have re-elected them. They are cowards as well as traitors!

Collins, Murkowski and Paul are the usual dissenters. Elected as Republicans, they are never there when you need them.

Rubio is the big surprise. In the debates, he vied with Ted Cruz over immigration, insisting he was tougher. He was lying. He failed to come through for us when the funding for the wall was on the line. Remember that and never, never, never again vote for him for president.

Lee is a principled conservative, his vote likely motivated by his perception of constitutional niceties.

Wicker spent his recent re-election campaign hugging Donald Trump close. Now we see what a hypocrite he is. Romney is hoping Trump stumbles and is building a record to run against him.

Alexander is retiring, so he doesn't care anymore and will vote how he always wanted to — often against the views he professed to the Tennessee electorate.

Portman, Toomey, Blunt and Moran are surprises, but let's remember their names.

Photo credit: at Pixabay

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