Impeachment: John Brennan and Obama's Intel Ops Strike Again!

By Richard Morris & Eileen McGann

September 28, 2019 2 min read

It turns out, as Rush Limbaugh noted in today's broadcast, that the "whistleblower" is a CIA person detailed to the White House. Likely a holdover from Obama, he is John Brennan's man.

When Obama left office, he left in place a mechanism designed to lead to Trump's impeachment: the revelations of the intel community about Russian collusion with the incoming president.

Now that those are debunked by the very prosecutor hired to prove them, these same folks have shifted their emphasis to the Ukraine scandal.

The allegation is that Trump used his official power to induce Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden's son. But the fact — caught on tape — is that Biden used his power as vice president to get Ukraine to fire the prosecutor who was after his son!

Trump does not deserve impeachment for bringing Biden to justice. Biden deserves our condemnation for trying to impede it.

The rest of the whistleblower complaint, now made public by Trump, asks the Ukrainian president to investigate whether his predecessors gave information about Paul Manafort's misdeeds to the Democrats after Trump appointed him campaign manager.

The Democrats are crying that this is inviting Ukraine to meddle in our elections. But what about the original meddling when Ukraine publicized its investigation of Manafort? That seems not to matter.

We have spent two years chasing the enigma of Mueller's charge that Putin and Trump conspired to fix the election. Now we are about to spend a year chasing another red herring released into our waters by Obama and Brennan's CIA.

Photo credit: skeeze at Pixabay

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