Left-Wing Activist Blames Colorado Senator for Shootings

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August 15, 2019 6 min read

Never waste a crisis, implores Saul Alinsky's far-left manifesto "Rules for Radicals."

"... (I)n the arena of action, a threat or a crisis becomes almost a precondition of communication," Alinsky wrote on page 89.

"You never want a good crisis to go to waste," said former Chicago Mayor Rham Emanuel, while serving as then-President Barack Obama's White House chief of staff in 2008.

This devious strategy explains why the left makes immediate political demands the moment some psychotic murders a crowd. They mock and ridicule anyone who takes time for thoughts and prayers, raging polemical about the immediate need for more gun control.

Given the Democratic shellacking of Colorado Republicans in 2018, Democrats consider Colorado Republican Sen. Cory Gardner the most vulnerable of Senate Republicans seeking reelection. Beating Gardner ranks among the left's highest aspirations for 2020, perhaps second only to winning the White House.

That is why a leading progressive activist pounced on Gardner after separate gunmen shot up crowds in Ohio and Texas.

Colorado ProgressNow Executive Director Ian Silverii wrote a shameless column for The Denver Post blaming Gardner for the murders. We can pin gun violence on the senator, Silverii insists, because "he never does anything about it." By that, Silverii means Gardner declines to support a left-wing wishlist of anti-gun legislation that would likely do nothing to stop massacres or other gun crimes.

"Japan and South Korea love violent video games, but they don't have easy access to guns, so their murder rate is infinitesimal compared to the U.S.," Silverii explains.

Japan's murder rate is 1.1 for every 100,000 residents; South Korea's is 2.3. The U.S. murder rate is 5 per 100,000 residents. All three countries fall below the international murder rate of 7.6, as determined by the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime.

Disturbingly, Silverii cherry-picked Japan and South Korea as countries with comprehensive gun control and low murder rates. Other countries, with equally strict or stricter gun control, don't support his premise.

Few countries impose more comprehensive gun control than El Salvador, where the ministry of national defence and the national civil police regulate private gun ownership.

One must possess a license to acquire a gun or ammunition. To obtain the license, each applicant must pass a thorough background check of mental health and criminal records and more. Applicants must prove "understanding of firearm safety" and requalify for a license every three years to avoid state confiscation. The government prohibits private sales and transfers of firearms. Qualifying individuals may buy only one firearm every two years from a state-licensed gun dealer.

With that gun control, El Salvador's murder rate is 61.8. That is 54.2 above the worldwide average and 56.8 higher than the U.S. rate.

Venezuela banned private gun ownership in 2012. The government of then-President Hugo Chavez began actively disarming residents. Today, the country's murder rate is 56.33. That is 48.73 above the international average and 51.33 above the United States' murder rate.

A simple observation of the United Nations' international crime database reveals an obvious pattern. Countries with extremely high murder rates have some of the strictest gun control on the planet. We don't claim to know why; we only know it as a fact that should give Gardner and other politicians reason for pause when asked to support new gun control laws in the emotional wake of each new massacre.

Countries with stricter gun control than the United States lead the world in mass murders. The United States' mass murder death rate is 10th. That ranking is fully unacceptable, but eight of the top nine have substantially stricter gun control laws.

Even Japan has not eliminated mass murders by enforcing comprehensive gun control. A mass killer last month walked through the front door of a Japanese animation studio, doused employees and property with gasoline, lit a match and killed 33. China severely restricts private gun ownership and lost 35 people to a knife attack in 2014.

John Gilbert Graham committed the deadliest mass murder since Colorado statehood, and he did not have a gun. He planted a dynamite time bomb on United Airlines Flight 629. It detonated near Longmont on Nov. 1, 1955, killing his mother and 43 others on board.

FBI statistics show killers commit the vast majority of U.S. gun crimes, including mass murders, with handguns. Rifles are not even close. Mass killers use handguns at twice the rate of all rifles combined, including "assault weapons."

Despite this fact, Silverii wants Gardner to get on board with banning "military-style weapons of war available for instant purchase at every Bass Pro Shop."

No one should dismiss thoughtful proposals for gun regulations that could disarm criminals and the severely mentally ill. Likewise, no one should support ill-conceived proposals that make proponents feel good without care for results.

People kill all over the world for various reasons, with limitless tools in all regulatory environments. Blaming one public servant uses and abuses the dead for cheap and cowardly political gain.


Photo credit: 1778011 at Pixabay

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