Blanket Registration Invite to Voter Fraud

By Daily Editorials

June 19, 2015 3 min read

Voter fraud is not imaginary. But labeling reasonable efforts to ensure that fraud doesn't taint elections as voter suppression is pure fantasy. Loading the voter rolls with the names of people who don't care enough about their civic duty to provide county officials with a name and correct address is an open invitation to fraud.

The incessant drumbeat, mostly from Democrats, that voter fraud doesn't exist is simply untrue. They know it and we certainly know it.

Names of inactive voters on the rolls are the No. 1 asset voter fraud perpetrators rely on. The absentee ballot "warlords," apply for absentee ballots in the name of people that will not vote. The person might be dead or they might have moved away or simply may never darken the door of a polling place. But ballots are cast in their name anyway.

In other cases, fraud perpetrators get inactive voters to register and apply for an absentee ballot. When the ballot arrives at the person's home, they sit down with the "voter" and tell them how to fill out the ballot.

Hillary Clinton's call to automatically register everyone to vote when they turn 18 won't generate new interest in voting. In most places, it is ridiculously easy to register to vote and it's also easy to obtain the photo identification that people need to cast a vote at the polls.

What automatic registration would do is create exceptionally fertile ground for voter fraud. People don't neglect to vote because it's difficult to register or get to the polls. It's not. They fail to register and vote because they don't care enough about the process of governing this country to make the effort — or perhaps they just don't believe their vote makes a difference.

There is nothing wrong with leaving the decision about who will run the state, national and local government up to the people who will make the minimal effort required to exercise their franchise. It is these citizens who should decide and not someone who cranks out ballots that have other people's names on them. Anyone who won't expend the time and energy to register isn't likely to be capable of making an informed decision.

Clinton's reasons for calling for universal registration are purely political. She wants to turn attention away from her own problems, questionable fundraising and deleted emails, while positioning her Republican rivals as opponents of democracy.

She also knows those who commit voter fraud are her political allies. She knows voter fraud exists, but she also knows she has little to fear from it.

People who won't make the minimal effort to register aren't likely to vote. Why let someone else vote for them?


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