Wild Note Serves Up Taste Tomato, Artichoke Soup

October 14, 2010 2 min read

By Chris Ross

Carol Torres ordered the Sun-Dried Tomato and Artichoke Soup at Solana Beach,

California's Wild Note Cafe recently, and found it delicious. She asked us to get the recipe so that

she can make it at home.

The Wild Note Cafe is part of the Belly-Up Tavern complex in the Solana Beach Design

District. Wild Note's sous chef Jorge Benitez walked us through the recipe.


3 tablespoons olive oil

2 white onions, chopped

3 celery ribs, chopped

1 cup dried sun-dried tomatoes

3 tablespoons garlic, finely chopped

1/2 cup fresh basil, chopped

1 small fennel bulb, chopped

2 tablespoons dry thyme

2 cups cooked potatoes, chopped

5 cups chicken or vegetable stock

1 small can tomato paste

3 (13-ounce) cans artichokes, chopped

Makes 6 servings

In a large pot, heat olive oil over medium heat. Add onions, celery, sun-dried tomatoes,

garlic, basil, fennel and thyme. Cook, covered, stirring occasionally, until the vegetables are soft,

about 10 minutes.

Add roasted potatoes and chicken or vegetable stock, tomato paste and artichokes.

Simmer for about 10 minutes, then blend in blender or food processor until smooth and strain

through metal strainer to remove any pulp.

Chris Ross writes for The San Diego Union-Tribune.

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