Those 'At-Risk' Kids

By Zig Ziglar

November 21, 2018 3 min read

Several years ago, Carl Hugebeck was teaching a course in character education in Bastrop, Texas, with outstanding results. Carl wrote me a letter explaining, "These kids are 'at-risk,' so I reminded them that because they live in America, lifelong education and self-improvement are possibilities, and they can make them a reality."

He pointed out that his students had difficult backgrounds and lived in the kinds of situations that are not supposed to create optimistic, enthusiastic, goal-oriented children. However, that's exactly what they were. Carl explained, "I tell them that if they keep doing what they're doing, they will be 'at-risk' of graduating, going to college, meeting their ideal mate, prospering and enjoying the type of life God intended them to have."

Interesting, isn't it, how with a turn of words from a man who loves kids and teaches character as their foundation, the students understand they really could be "at-risk" for getting that good education, followed by a good job, a good mate and a wonderful future? Isn't it too bad that in every school in America, we don't have more Carl Hugebecks teaching that by doing the right thing, the students are "at-risk" of being successful?

Now let's move this thought into the adult world and apply it in the businesses of today, whether the business is large or small. If the employer would make available "at-risk" training for employees, telling them if they show up on time, enthusiastically prepared to do a good day's work, they will be "at-risk" of creating job security for themselves; "at-risk" of getting advancements; and "at-risk" of being able to purchase a nice home and build a secure future.

With this approach, everybody is "at-risk." Fact: Each of us has the choice of taking the risk and making our lives productive, rewarding and exciting. See you at the top!

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