Perfect Can't Be Improved Upon

By Zig Ziglar

November 28, 2018 3 min read

Feb. 3, 1997, was a memorable day for Jeremey Sonnenfeld because this sophomore bowler from the University of Nebraska bowled three consecutive 300-point tournament games. He became the first person in history to do so.

In the future, others could equal that score, but no one will exceed it, as there are only three games in a "set." Earlier, Sonnenfeld's best score had been 826, which he had equaled twice.

When he recorded that 36th straight strike, his Nebraska teammates lifted him to their shoulders, and soon everybody in every bowling alley in Lincoln, Nebraska, knew of the accomplishment.

Sonnenfeld said that nerves were not a problem, but he was disappointed that his girlfriend, who is also a bowler, missed the first 300 game. She did see him bowl the second and third perfect games. He said his only really tense moment came in the ninth frame of the third game when he got the strike. "It was like, 'All right now, let's finish it off.'" At that point, his self-talk really came into play as he said to himself: "You got to this point. Just make a good shot and, God willing, everything will work out OK."

The unusual thing about this score is that he bowled on six different lanes — numbers 13 through 18, instead of the usual two. Yes, it was truly a red-letter day, one which will never be forgotten by Jeremey and his classmates.

Sonnenfeld's previous success indicates he is not a "flash in the pan," so chances are good that with the ability and attitude he has, he will continue to succeed in his bowling endeavors. The same procedures that enabled him to set that all-time record will help him succeed in the other areas of his life, as well. I encourage you to take Jeremey's approach because if you do, I'll see you at the top!

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