Imagination and Laughter

By Zig Ziglar

June 24, 2015 2 min read

There's a story about two dog owners who met in the park one day and each commented on what a beautiful dog the other had. Questions arose on what they fed their dogs. Dog owner No. 1 said he only fed his dog the best dog food that money could buy. The other owner said he fed his dog "turnip greens." Dog owner No. 1 became astonished and made the comment, "Well, he's certainly a beautiful dog, but my dog just wouldn't eat turnip greens." Dog owner No. 2 then responded, "Mine wouldn't either for nearly two weeks."

All of us know the above incident never took place, though we can imagine it happening. As a result, we're able to smile, and who knows? Maybe it made some of you chuckle. It made me laugh when I heard it! Here's another story:

Bill Walker waits on a customer. The lady says to him, "I want a chicken, and there's only one that I see." Bill weighs the chicken and says to her, "It's $2.95." She asks, "Do you have another one? I need more." Bill then fumbles around and pretends to come up with another chicken. He puts his thumb on the scale and says, "This one is $3.95." She responds, "Good. I'll take them both."

Again, our imaginations enable us to visualize such incidents happening, and yet we all know they didn't. Incident No. 2 does have a moral message to it: If we're not able to do something that is asked of us, one excuse is just as good as another — and most of us use excuses from time to time. I'm hopeful that this "excuse" provided us with a laugh for laughter's sake. Developing a winning sense of humor is more important than relying on excuses — laughter will carry us to the top, and I'll see you there!

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