Price of Restoring Can Balloon

By Anne McCollam

April 25, 2014 4 min read

Q: Enclosed you will find a photograph of a "hairpin" chair left to us by my mother-in-law. There are four of these small-scaled chairs, two of which need to be recaned. Before I invest any money in these chairs, I would like to know if their potential value would justify the hefty price of recaning. I doubt I would ever use them, but would consider restoring them if their resale value would justify the investment. I was told there is a very limited market for this type of antique in my area.

A: You have a set of Victorian balloon-back side chairs that was made around 1860 to 1870. Many are selling in good condition and with the caning intact from $125 to $225. Depending on the price of restoring the seats in your area and since they came to you at no cost, it might be profitable to have them recaned.

Q: I am sending you the mark I have drawn that is on a set of dishes that is a service for eight. The dishes are decorated with pink and red buds, flowers, green leaves and trimmed in gold. I have not been successful finding any background information on the Internet.

I would like any information you can furnish about this set, including its monetary value.

A: The mark you provided was used by the Carrollton Pottery Company, which was located in Carrollton, Ohio. The firm was founded in 1903 by E. L. Henderson and made semi-porcelain china. By 1929, it, along with seven other potteries, became part of the America China Corporation, which made a variety of dinnerware and used several different marks.

Your set was made around 1920 and would probably be worth $150 to $200.

Q: In the 1940s, I was a teenager in high school. My girlfriend and I went to big-band concerts. When Frank Sinatra was there singing in 1943, I got his autograph. He wasn't well-known then. I'm now 86 and still love the big-bands music. I would like to know if this autograph is worth anything today. I have tried to find information and have not been successful. Anything you can tell me will be appreciated.

A: Condition, authenticity, age and quality are important when valuing an autograph. Sinatra's autographs are very collectible. Depending on the condition, yours would probably be worth $200 to $400.

. Victorian balloon-back side chairs made around 1860.
. Victorian balloon-back side chairs made around 1860.
. The Carrollton Pottery Company was founded in 1903.
. The Carrollton Pottery Company was founded in 1903.

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