Common Sense from Creators Syndicate Creators Syndicate is an international syndication company that represents cartoonists and columnists of the highest caliber. en Wed, 23 Jun 2021 22:23:13 -0700 Common Sense from Creators Syndicate 1ed6fe66c5c53283ffa3ac286f4ef6a2 Wokeness Gone Wild for 06/22/2021 Tue, 22 Jun 2021 00:00:00 -0700 <p>Wokeness may be the most absurd, harebrained concept foisted on the American public in our lifetimes. Consider just a few of the actions taken and claims made by proponents of this inane philosophy. Graduate students at Oxford University recently voted to remove a photograph of Queen Elizabeth from a campus common area. The movement was led by an American exchange student, the privileged son of a wealthy Washington, D.C., attorney. This should surprise no one since many proponents of wokeness are white, pampered, mansion-dwelling dilettantes.</p> <p>These thoroughly indoctrinated students claimed they were protesting Britain's colonial history. One wonders if they even know their country's history. After all, were it not for stalwarts like Queen Elizabeth and her predecessors, the British people &#8212; including these woke graduate students &#8212; would be shouting "Sieg Heil" instead of "God Save the Queen." </p> <p>In the United States, woke advocates propose, among other things, the government confiscate all wealth and property and redistribute it according to race. Another claim of the woke crowd is America suffers from systemic racism. Their critical race theory posits white people in America have used and continue to use laws, policies, regulations and societal mores to oppress people of color while ensuring a superior position in society for white people.<p>Updated: Tue Jun 22, 2021</p> 68fead27652a10b54e99b440fde9ba3e Saving America's Colleges and Universities From 'Wokeness' for 06/15/2021 Tue, 15 Jun 2021 00:00:00 -0700 <p></p><p>For more than a century, the United States was home to the best college and university system in the world. High-potential students from all across the globe came here to study. Many stayed after graduating and used their education to benefit America. During this time, few institutions contributed more to America's prosperity, quality of life and technological superiority than the academy. Unfortunately, over time, higher education in America has changed, and not for the better. The academy is in decline because it is suffering from self-inflicted wounds.</p> <p>Too many of our colleges and universities have become "woke" institutions governed by political correctness rather than a commitment to free speech and genuine scholarship. By allowing themselves to fall under the control of leftist ideologues advancing an agenda at odds with the purposes of higher education, many colleges and universities have become academic gulags focused primarily on leftist indoctrination. Many now operate more like the "reeducation" camps associated with communist nations than institutions of higher learning.<p>Updated: Tue Jun 15, 2021</p> 81fd641f121b05399298dba2b5c44bd3 The Biden Gun Ban Plans for 06/08/2021 Tue, 08 Jun 2021 00:00:00 -0700 <p>On April 12, President Joe Biden nominated David Chipman to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Chipman &#8212; the king of confiscation &#8212; is a supporter of California's laws banning the sale or ownership of so-called assault weapons. For those of us who support the Second Amendment, confirming him to lead ATF is like asking a vampire to guard the local blood bank.</p> <p>Don't surrender! On June 4, Judge Roger T. Benitez, appointed to the federal bench in the Southern District of California by President George W. Bush, offered hope for common sense to prevail. In his 94-page opinion in the case, Miller v. Bonta, Judge Benitez ruled, "the State of California makes it a crime to have an AR-15 type rifle. Therefore, this Court declares the California statutes to be unconstitutional." </p> <p>To ensure California's leftist governor, Gavin Newsom, his new attorney general, Rob Bonta, and Biden all get the message, Benitez took a well-aimed shot at those who describe AR-15 rifles as "assault weapons." His point: "these prohibited guns, like all guns, can be used for ill or good. They could just as well be called home defense rifles or anti-crime guns."<p>Updated: Tue Jun 08, 2021</p> b85ad219d93535a91312678f18122829 Memorial Day Tribute: Honoring Our Fallen Heroes for 06/01/2021 Tue, 01 Jun 2021 00:00:00 -0700 <p></p><p>In 1967, "Memorial Day" became the official title of the somber holiday we observe on May 31. Across the country, ceremonies will take place at all 141 national cemeteries in the United States and 24 others on foreign soil. More than 3 million soldiers, sailors, airmen, Marines and Guardsmen are interred in these hallowed burial grounds. In words written on stone markers, military cemeteries tell the story of who we are as a people. </p> <p>Since 1776, more than 1.5 million Americans in uniform have given their lives for the cause of freedom. Regardless of when they served or how they died, all the heroes interred in our national cemeteries and elsewhere sacrificed for their country. To selflessly serve a higher cause, they gave up the comforts of home and the warmth and affection of loved ones. <p>Updated: Tue Jun 01, 2021</p> 9913065a2fae28cd6041a51a24183003 Critical Race Theory: Warmed-Over Marxism for 05/25/2021 Tue, 25 May 2021 00:00:00 -0700 <p></p><p>The latest academic fraud being inflicted on school children by leftist ideologues is critical race theory. CRT posits, among other things, America is guilty of systemic racism and bigotry is an inborn characteristic of those of us with fair skin. CRT teaches children to judge others by the color of their skin rather than the content of their character, to view white people as perpetual oppressors and to treat Black people as eternal victims. </p> <p>Officials in Florida, Tennessee, Texas, Georgia and South Dakota have either banned the teaching of CRT or are moving in that direction, and parents in other states are beginning to speak up in opposition to this nonsensical concept. However, there are still a lot of places &#8212; primarily in blue states &#8212; where school children are being taught how they and their parents are racists. For example, the state of Washington recently mandated the teaching of CRT. <p>Updated: Tue May 25, 2021</p> 595780a2f0e64ad29022fc8b11d92de4 Is Biden Another Neville Chamberlain? for 05/18/2021 Tue, 18 May 2021 00:00:00 -0700 <p></p><p>Neville Chamberlain tried to appease Hitler, and World War II resulted. By trying to appease the Ayatollahs in Iran, Joe Biden may have started us down a path to World War III. On the day Biden became president, Iranian-built missiles began to rain down on Israel, America's closest ally in the Middle East and the only democracy in that troubled region. </p> <p><span class="column--highlighted-text">These missiles, aimed at Israeli civilians, were launched from Gaza by Hamas and Islamic Jihad.</span> Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps provides both terror organizations with funding and arms. Their missile launches from Gaza between January and early May were a test of the Biden administration's mettle. <p>Updated: Tue May 18, 2021</p> 8c0ad01c6ab6153f5372ecaa06fb9791 Biden's Blunders in Foreign Policy: The First 100 Days for 05/11/2021 Tue, 11 May 2021 00:00:00 -0700 <p></p><p>What has Joe Biden accomplished in his first 100 days as president? His performance on domestic issues has been underwhelming to say the least. But Biden's foreign policy blunders are potentially disastrous. </p> <p>The Biden-Harris administration "open borders" policy is a nightmare on our southern frontier. Hundreds of thousands of undocumented migrants &#8212; many of them children &#8212; have flooded into Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California. The imagery of thousands of children crammed into cages, huddled beneath aluminum-foil "survival blankets" will haunt us for years.<p>Updated: Tue May 11, 2021</p> 51faebbf486d7f29d0f557decb398de1 Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Socialists for 05/04/2021 Tue, 04 May 2021 00:00:00 -0700 <p>Leftist politicians, President Joe Biden, Marxist professors, the mainstream media, historical revisionists and the entertainment industry all play a role in hoodwinking young people into favoring socialism over freedom, enterprise and self-determination. However, the most important factor in the susceptibility of young people to the false promises of socialism is their parents. Turning the youngsters of today into the socialists of tomorrow begins in the home. This is why, with apologies to Willie Nelson, we offer this warning: Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be socialists.</p> <p>In our upcoming book, "We Didn't Fight for Socialism: America's Veterans Speak Up" (to be released in July), we make the critical point that parents are often unwittingly complicit in the acceptance of socialism by their children. This happens when helicopter parents shield their children from responsibility and accountability during their formative years, accept mediocrity instead of encouraging excellence, and do for their children what children should do for themselves. </p> <p>Not surprisingly, when children raised this way come of age, they are open to a nanny government taking the place of their helicopter parents. Knowing this, socialist advocates such as Biden and his fellow Democrats promise them taxpayer-funded care from cradle to grave. Not surprisingly, the concept of nanny government resonates with young people who have been pampered by their parents. <p>Updated: Tue May 04, 2021</p> 78fa26137798ee5d5e86f3fc4763bd81 Expel Rep. Maxine Waters; Impeach President Joe Biden for 04/27/2021 Tue, 27 Apr 2021 00:00:00 -0700 <p></p><p>As a member of Congress, Rep. Maxine Waters took an oath to defend the Constitution. When she risked inciting mob violence by telling a crowd of protestors, "We've got to get more confrontational," Waters may well have violated her oath. Writing for The Epoch Times, Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz claimed her tactics were reminiscent of those used by the Ku Klux Klan. </p> <p>By making comments encouraging the worst in protestors, Waters did the opposite of what we expect from our elected officials. Instead of being a peacemaker, she risked whipping a crowd into a frenzy of rioting and violence. In doing so, she may have violated the Sixth Amendment to the Constitution.<p>Updated: Tue Apr 27, 2021</p> 7d8ff801596f8dc6d7bd5bb464009163 Parents, Beware of Public Schools for 04/20/2021 Tue, 20 Apr 2021 00:00:00 -0700 <p>If you are a conservative or Christian and your kids are enrolled in public school, we have a warning for you: Beware! Why? Our public schools today are not the public schools most of us attended and remember fondly. In many public school systems, particularly those in blue states, children are being taught to reject their parents' beliefs, view America as an evil empire and see all white people as inherently racist. </p> <p><span class="column--highlighted-text">With the transformation of so many public schools into centers of leftist indoctrination bent on turning children into budding socialist ideologues, it is important for parents to know exactly what their kids are being taught.</span> Before proceeding, a caveat is in order about public school teachers. </p> <p>We understand and appreciate there are still plenty of good educators in public schools who believe in teaching the truth and want to do right by your children. But these stalwarts no longer control what is taught or how. In fact, they work every day under the thumbs of leftist ideologues who control many of our state education departments, school boards and teachers unions.<p>Updated: Tue Apr 20, 2021</p> 5bc7b1f3cfcbce523e3b95ebd720b282 Semantic Subterfuge: Democrats, Deception and Distortion for 04/13/2021 Tue, 13 Apr 2021 00:00:00 -0700 <p></p><p>Democrats have a little problem with the truth. For example, they called H.R. 1319 their "COVID-19 relief bill," yet only 9% of the funding it provides goes to COVID-19 relief. They are calling their next initiative &#8212; which is a $3 trillion boondoggle &#8212; an "infrastructure bill," yet only 6% of the funds it would provide go to infrastructure projects. When you cannot call something what it really is, it is time to look in a mirror and ask yourself why &#8212; an act long overdue for Democrats. </p> <p>Because its far-left agenda is abhorrent to at least half of the American people, the Democratic Party tries to minimize pushback by engaging in what we call "semantic subterfuge." Rather than tell the truth about their policies, Democrats twist words and their meanings to fit their false narrative. They use words to obfuscate rather than communicate and blur rather than clarify. The appealing names they give to unappealing concepts are aimed at distorting the truth and deceiving the American people. <p>Updated: Tue Apr 13, 2021</p> d3c68567f6e6876f0a6a52b125ff0c9f Biden's Unity Fantasy for 04/06/2021 Tue, 06 Apr 2021 00:00:00 -0700 <p>Candidate Joe Biden ran for president on a promise of uniting our divided nation. Then, during his long-awaited, much-anticipated first press conference, he repeated the promise. In years past, such a claim made by the most divisive president since Andrew Johnson would have elicited cries of disbelief from reporters, followed by probing questions. But that was in the old days, before real journalists were replaced by leftist media minions. A real journalist, upon hearing Biden's unity claim, would have pointed out the president was proposing a fantasy worthy of Walt Disney. </p> <p>Of course, probing questions and incredulity were rare during the president's carefully scripted, by-invitation-only press conference. They will continue to be rare, even nonexistent, as long as Biden or any other puppet of the far left is president. The days of journalistic integrity are gone. Professional journalists dedicated to ferreting out the truth have been replaced by leftist sycophants who deceive, distort and omit to protect a president who certainly needs protection. When he indulges in flights of fantasy such as uniting America or running for reelection at the age of 81, Biden further undermines his already shaky credibility. In such moments, Biden with his finger on the nuclear button is a frightening image. </p> <p><span class="column--highlighted-text">Biden has been unable to unite his own party, much less all of America.</span> On one hand, the few moderate Democrats who still exist think the president has moved too far to the left. On the other hand, the socialist ideologues who now control the Democratic Party think he remains too close to the center. On balance, the far-left wing of the party has more to celebrate than their moderate counterparts as long as Biden is in the White House. His actions and policies since taking office come straight from the socialist playbook of Sen. Bernie Sanders. <p>Updated: Tue Apr 06, 2021</p> b08154451af614c3bf4d5b97abe1983b Biden's Border Crisis: Criminals, COVID-19 and Congestion for 03/30/2021 Tue, 30 Mar 2021 00:00:00 -0700 <p>Although he has yet to visit the border and witness firsthand the situation on the ground, President Joe Biden refuses to admit there is a crisis. In a sense, he is right. What is happening at the border is worse than a crisis; it is a full-blown, man-made catastrophe. This explains the president's decision to send the Federal Emergency Management Agency to the border. Of course, if Biden admits there is a crisis at the border, he will also have to acknowledge an inconvenient truth: He caused this disaster. The president's tap dancing around the issue makes Fred Astaire look like an amateur. </p> <p><span class="column--highlighted-text">One of Biden's first acts as president was to blithely cancel everything the previous administration did to protect our borders.</span> Having rushed into this imprudent step, he went even further. Biden invited the world to come, and they came &#8212; many of them wearing Biden T-shirts. With them came criminals, COVID-19 and congestion.</p> <p>The Biden administration's open-border policies have created a "target-rich environment" for the world's largest criminal cartels. These drug and human traffickers now dominate the terrain on the southern side of the U.S.-Mexican border and have subdivided it into "transit zones" for controlling who gets into the U.S. illegally. Whole families and, especially, unaccompanied children &#8212; some younger than 4 or 5 years old &#8212; are forced to wear encoded wristbands to identify whether they have prepaid for the "right" to cross. <p>Updated: Tue Mar 30, 2021</p> cba0ccca38cbf5cb6e138d2800243396 Talent on Loan From God... for 02/17/2021 Wed, 17 Feb 2021 00:00:00 -0800 <p>We heard him say it hundreds of times, as did many of you: "Talent on loan from God." Some of Rush's Limbaugh's detractors liked to claim the statement was haughty. But those of us who knew him recognized the famous signoff to his radio program as humility not ego. Rush was truly an extraordinary talent, a media icon of unprecedented stature. His radio audience of 27 million Americans looked to him not just for guidance and insight but to give voice to their most deeply held convictions and most deeply felt concerns. Every time he sat down behind his golden EIB microphone, Rush said what millions of patriotic Americans thought and felt who had no platform for expressing themselves. </p> <p>Even though he enjoyed monumental success, Rush was a humble man who readily acknowledged the source of his talent and success. He has now gone home to be with his Creator, Lord and Savior. It's said that the angels sing when a true child of God comes home. We like to think that rather than singing, they are all gathered around listening to Rush expound on the state of our nation; a nation God has blessed above all others, but a nation in which many now take His blessings for granted while refusing to acknowledge their source.</p> <p>I, Oliver North, worked with Rush on numerous projects. We teamed up to raise money for conservative causes and support heroes in our military, firemen and law enforcement. These are the men and women he admired above all others. Ironically, Rush never seemed to realize that to these American heroes, he was a hero. The author of seven books, Rush helped me become a best-selling author by introducing books I wrote on his radio program. Along the way, we became more than media colleagues, we became soul mates. America has lost its most influential voice for conservative values and we've all lost a dear friend. <p>Updated: Wed Feb 17, 2021</p> 7d03f379bc4610b429309ec0150c26fb Being Presidential for 05/03/2013 Fri, 03 May 2013 00:00:00 -0700 <p>WASHINGTON &mdash; On April 30, 1789, at Federal Hall in New York, George Washington took the oath of office as the first president of the United States. He and the members of both houses of Congress then assembled in the unfinished Senate chamber, where Washington took less than 20 minutes to deliver the first inaugural address. Precisely 225 years later &mdash; at the same time of day &mdash; the 44th president of the United States wandered into the Brady Press Briefing Room in the White House for a surreal 48-minute exchange with members of the media.</p> <p>The difference between those two presidential presentations is stark &mdash; and alarming &mdash; for what was said, what was left unsaid and the manner in which they were conveyed. Observers described Washington's delivery as &quot;humble,&quot; even &quot;anxious.&quot; Some &mdash; noting more than a dozen references to &quot;prayer,&quot; &quot;divine blessing,&quot; &quot;providence,&quot; the &quot;Almighty Being&quot; and the &quot;Great Author of every public and private good&quot; &mdash; said the new president was &quot;reverent.&quot; None of those matches the demeanor of Barack Obama during this week's seance. Instead of invoking the favor of God, our head of state sought to fix blame for his failures.</p> <p>When Washington delivered his address, the most important issue before our legislative branch was the ongoing national debate over the Bill of Rights. He devoted nearly a full page of his eight-page handwritten remarks to &quot;how far an exercise of the occasional power delegated by the Fifth article of the Constitution is rendered expedient at the present juncture.&quot; Rather than attack members of Congress who favored or opposed the first 10 amendments to our new Constitution, Washington pledged his &quot;entire confidence&quot; in their &quot;discernment and pursuit of the public good.&quot;<p>Updated: Fri Feb 06, 2015</p> fac9177cfbf99799ef140ddf9f51ecf4 Aftermath for 04/26/2013 Fri, 26 Apr 2013 00:00:00 -0700 <p>WASHINGTON &mdash; More than 2,500 years ago, Sun Tzu wrote &quot;The Art of War.&quot; In it, the Chinese strategist postulated: &quot;One who knows the enemy and knows himself will not be endangered in a hundred engagements. ... One who knows neither the enemy nor himself will invariably be defeated.&quot;</p> <p>Two millenniums later, Prussian military theorist Carl Philipp Gottfried von Clausewitz wrote a detailed exposition on the principles of warfare. His book &quot;On War&quot; &mdash; published after his death in 1831 &mdash; posits, inter alia, that inadequate, incomplete or incorrect intelligence will inevitably contribute to the &quot;fog of war&quot; and lead to &quot;unexpected developments&quot; that can obscure &quot;the objective&quot; in a conflict.</p> <p>Unfortunately for us, our elected and appointed leaders in Washington appear to be completely unfamiliar with those two works. In the aftermath of last week's Boston Marathon terror attack, it is clear that those running our federal government &mdash; cocooned in federal buildings protected by high-tech security, metal detectors, bag searches, mail sensors and armed guards and convoyed to and fro in motorcades of armored limousines &mdash; know neither our enemy nor what we need to do about it. It's not a new phenomenon. It's just getting worse.<p>Updated: Wed Feb 04, 2015</p> 7b9e2fd086bc62727f0b3cdf5df4d3c5 Boston Massacre for 04/19/2013 Fri, 19 Apr 2013 00:00:00 -0700 <p>WASHINGTON &mdash; We don't know why two bombs were set near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing three and wounding more than 170 others Monday, April 15. In an era of instant information, a 24/7 news cycle, ubiquitous social media, countless smartphones and tens of thousands of government security cameras in metropolitan areas, our FBI has called for the public to help find and catch those who carried out this terror attack. That the perpetrators were not immediately identified and taken into custody is apparently frustrating to many of our countrymen. It shouldn't be.</p> <p>Just minutes after the two bombs detonated, images and video of the carnage and rescuers bravely rushing to help grievously injured victims appeared on media outlets and the Internet. Local, state and federal politicians rushed to microphones to pontificate about the event and ensuing investigation. Since then, there has been a virtual tsunami of information, imagery, speculation and opinion about the bombing.</p> <p>Within hours of the catastrophe, journalists and bloggers were claiming that additional bombs had been found and disarmed and that a Saudi national &mdash; supposedly a person of interest in the investigation &mdash; was being interviewed. By 2 p.m. on Wednesday, April 17, amid reports that suspicious packages laced with poisonous ricin had been intercepted in Washington, a host of news agencies were claiming that a suspect in the marathon bombings had been arrested.<p>Updated: Mon Feb 02, 2015</p> 051120281a9b47e326abaa75c8b8d916 Then and Now for 04/12/2013 Fri, 12 Apr 2013 00:00:00 -0700 <p>WASHINGTON &mdash; Ten years ago this weekend, our Fox News team was racing north from Baghdad to Tikrit with the 1st Battalion, 5th Marines. They knew what needed to be done and had a plan for doing it, and all Griff Jenkins and I had to do was cover it and stay out of the way. Given what I'm doing this weekend, covering the war was less demanding, somewhat better-organized and perhaps less dangerous. This weekend, our youngest daughter is getting married.</p> <p>A decade ago, all I had to do was be in the right place at the right time, get good footage during a gunfight, prepare a report, interview some eyewitness participants, hook up our tiny satellite transceiver, dial up Fox News in New York and file our story. Most of the time, it worked flawlessly &mdash; even when Iraqi soldiers surrendered to Griff in the midst of a live broadcast.</p> <p>My life is no longer that simple. Weddings are far more complicated and fraught with peril than going to war with Marines. Even though this is my third round of being father of the bride, I have not mastered what I need to know and repeatedly fail to carry out my basic orders: &quot;Show up. Pay up. Shut up. And smile.&quot; Worst of all, the women I love &mdash; my wife and three daughters &mdash; all agree I'm better at going to war than to a wedding.<p>Updated: Fri Jan 30, 2015</p> 0b264843fabd32cc4c4b2b5241b24e72 Korean Craziness for 04/05/2013 Fri, 05 Apr 2013 00:00:00 -0700 <p>WASHINGTON &mdash; On Sunday, June 25, 1950, the Korean People's Army attacked across the 38th parallel, captured Seoul &mdash; capital of the Republic of Korea &mdash; and began driving south. The battered South Korean army and their U.S. military advisers quickly were pushed into the &quot;Pusan Perimeter&quot; on the southern tip of the peninsula &mdash; and U.S. President Harry Truman took the case to the United Nations Security Council.</p> <p>American leadership and the absence of the Soviet ambassador resulted in swift passage of Security Council Resolution 84. The measure &mdash; perhaps the last time in history that the U.N. acted with dispatch &mdash; authorized the use of force against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. During the bloody three-year war that followed, troops from 10 European countries and from 10 others around the world fought beside U.S. soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines in Korea &mdash; finally securing an armistice July 27, 1953.</p> <p>In the years since, the increasingly isolated patriarchal-Stalinist regime in Pyongyang, North Korea, has raised visceral hatred of the United States to a whole new level while systematically violating the terms of the armistice &mdash; and virtually every other agreement to which it is a party. In short, Pyongyang's past behavior is a prelude to present and future conduct.<p>Updated: Wed Jan 28, 2015</p> d3661ce093bb9d0f0287f7fd5d2a3207 Was It Worth It? (Part 2 of 2) for 03/20/2013 Wed, 20 Mar 2013 21:00:00 -0700 <p>WASHINGTON &mdash; It's the question asked by Gold Star families &mdash; the loved ones of our fallen &mdash; when I meet them at funerals or public events. It is spoken quietly by the spouses of grievously wounded soldiers, sailors, airmen, guardsmen and Marines when I visit military and veterans hospitals. And it's in the correspondence I receive from parents and friends of those who have left something on the battlefield: &quot;Was it worth it?&quot;</p> <p>A decade ago this week, when Operation Iraqi Freedom began, this wasn't a question posed to our Fox News team. While cameras in Baghdad captured the &quot;shock and awe&quot; of precision-guided missiles and bombs hitting Saddam Hussein's capital, Griff Jenkins and I were embedded with U.S. Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 268 and a battalion of Royal Marine commandos en route to the Faw Peninsula on the largest night helo-borne assault in history.</p> <p>More than 50 U.S. and British helos took off from the tactical assembly area in Gibraltar and raced for the border at more than 100 knots, just 120 feet above the ground to avoid enemy radar. My night lens, pointed out over the .50-caliber machine gun, caught the blinding flash as the helicopter on our left side went down on the desert floor. There were no survivors. The seven British commandos and four U.S. Marines aboard were the first 11 of 4,804 coalition personnel &mdash; 4,486 of them Americans &mdash; killed during nine years of combat in Operation Iraqi Freedom.<p>Updated: Wed Mar 20, 2013</p>