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Saunders from Creators Syndicate 38640ae038c2fe015cb489cbcd53e981 No News Is Bad News in the Briefing Room for 04/05/2020 Sun, 05 Apr 2020 00:00:00 -0700 <p>WASHINGTON &#8212; The Washington Post and The New York Times aren't sending reporters to the Trump White House for daily briefings. </p> <p>Washington Post executive editor Martin Baron explained, "We have to keep in mind our reporters' health and those of our colleagues at other media outlets," as he noted that Post reporters were exposed to a symptomatic reporter who later tested negative. </p> <p>New York Times' executive editor Dean Baquet said that possible exposure to the coronavirus and the White House news briefings' lack of news value drove his decision, The Washington Post reported. <p>Updated: Sun Apr 05, 2020</p> 93c418f341bf0bf66d3a36ff5c6dbc10 Worst-Case Scenarios Aren't the Only Scenarios for 03/29/2020 Sun, 29 Mar 2020 00:00:00 -0700 <p></p><p>WASHINGTON &#8212; In February, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention held a conference call on COVID-19 and warned, as The New York Times reported, that 160 million to 214 million Americans could become infected and 200,000 to 1.7 million might die. </p> <p>On March 3, the World Health Organization noted that globally 3.4% of those infected with the virus died. <p>Updated: Sun Mar 29, 2020</p> 97a1857aa5aed524fe47509fc1b7a065 Notes From My Dining Room Table for 03/22/2020 Sun, 22 Mar 2020 00:00:00 -0700 <p></p><p>WASHINGTON &#8212; In 2020, people talk about "two Americas." During the coronavirus outbreak, there is one America, a sheltered America, with people who &#8212; like me &#8212; can work at home. And another America, an edgier America, that stands to be devastated by coronavirus closures. </p> <p>There is also a third America that can be seen in the three states hardest hit by the COVID-19 and virtually shut down. In order to keep the rest of America from turning into that third America, sheltered America argues, stringent measures must be imposed on all of America. <p>Updated: Sun Mar 22, 2020</p> 88212cc7c5feaee8e5bc7cb697f5dcb5 Can Science Lead to Dumb Panic? for 03/15/2020 Sun, 15 Mar 2020 00:00:00 -0700 <p></p><p>WASHINGTON &#8212; Can science lead to dumb panic? It's a question I've been asking as the stock market cannibalized itself in response to the coronavirus outbreak, academia shuttered classrooms and other interests did their utmost to convince their customers that they could get along just fine without them. </p> <p>There is no question the coronavirus is a health threat to millions of Americans, especially the elderly and people with chronic illnesses. We have to protect them. <p>Updated: Sun Mar 15, 2020</p> 3c79707efc8ced312bdc0033c5e28d47 Schumer's Threats to Justices Not Just Idle Talk for 03/08/2020 Sun, 08 Mar 2020 00:00:00 -0800 <p></p><p>WASHINGTON &#8212; Unlike President Donald Trump, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer tends to be precise in his language. </p> <p>So when Schumer stood before the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday and called out two justices by threatening they would "pay a price" if they ruled contrary to his preference on a case that could affect states' ability to restrict abortion doctors, he wasn't just running at the mouth. <p>Updated: Sun Mar 08, 2020</p> 4ec6eb0d0b1587b53fabaadd212e4496 There Is a Double Standard, But Trump Has Staff Issues for 03/01/2020 Sun, 01 Mar 2020 00:00:00 -0800 <p></p><p>WASHINGTON &#8212; In 2010, when Gen. Stanley McChrystal and his aides were quoted in a Rolling Stone piece belittling top officials in President Barack Obama's administration, including Vice President Joe Biden, The New York Times went into high dudgeon. </p> <p>A Grey Lady editorial asked if Obama could trust McChrystal, his top Afghanistan commander, after his "hugely undisciplined comments" and argued that Obama should fire the revered general &#8212; or, at the very least, dress him down before sending him back to a combat zone. <p>Updated: Sun Mar 01, 2020</p> 1819d08cea6d25c7ea7b06e910013940 Trump's Own Criminal Justice Reform for 02/23/2020 Sun, 23 Feb 2020 00:00:00 -0800 <p></p><p>For decades, a small cadre of reformers pushed whichever president occupied the Oval Office to use his pardon power more frequently and put a lid on draconian federal sentences that put low-level and midlevel offenders away for decades, even life. </p> <p>The problem they face on the week President Donald Trump issued pardons and commutations to 11 nonviolent offenders is that they got their wish &#8212; except for the Trump part. <p>Updated: Sun Feb 23, 2020</p> 7c0b69d757965a7d5ce10e2e5d23dfd3 The Four Lawmen of the Apocalypse for 02/16/2020 Sun, 16 Feb 2020 00:00:00 -0800 <p></p><p>WASHINGTON &#8212; President Donald Trump is turning his base into hardcore civil libertarians and turning the left into brutal authoritarians. Although, to be fair, he's not doing it alone. Overzealous federal prosecutors are the big drivers. </p> <p>Exhibit A: Roger Stone, the GOP bad boy found guilty in November on seven counts of lying to Congress, tampering with a witness and obstructing a House investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election. <p>Updated: Sun Feb 16, 2020</p> b8e335ce58815977f3ef21da4a8d2032 Romney Impeachment Vote Turns Tables on Trump for 02/09/2020 Sun, 09 Feb 2020 00:00:00 -0800 <p></p><p>Two words leaped to mind just before Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, announced that he would vote to convict President Donald Trump on one article of impeachment: frog's legs. </p> <p>Frog's legs were on the menu as then-president-elect and Romney dined at Jean-Georges, a high-ticket eatery inside the (where else?) Trump Hotel in November 2016. After having refused to endorse Trump and calling him unworthy of the Oval Office, Romney nonetheless publicly auditioned for the prestigious secretary of state post. <p>Updated: Sun Feb 09, 2020</p> c342bdf8cd12d254abcdc66f08dc34ee State of the Union Soap Opera Starts Early, Lasts Until Bitter End for 02/05/2020 Wed, 05 Feb 2020 00:00:00 -0800 <p></p><p>WASHINGTON &#8212; All eyes on President Donald Trump during his 2020 State of the Union address Tuesday night were watching for clues that could answer the questions that always surround a big Trump event. Would he call out his Democratic rivals? Would he bring up impeachment? Or, failing that, would he at least make hay of the Democratic Party's complete botching of its Iowa caucus the night before?</p> <p>And the answers were no, no and no.<p>Updated: Wed Feb 05, 2020</p> f276d41b5e22a04dfc3c78d7c38dc3af Endless War for 02/03/2020 Mon, 03 Feb 2020 00:00:00 -0800 <p></p><p>WASHINGTON &#8212; Last Sunday, The New York Times had a big scoop. The paper learned that, according to a yet-to-be-published tell-all book by President Donald Trump's third national security adviser, John Bolton, Trump told Bolton to withhold military aid from Ukraine until the Eastern European nation helped dig up dirt on the Bidens. </p> <p>While some cable networks were breathless to report a development that they were sure would put more pressure on the GOP Senate to call witnesses in the Trump impeachment trial, others shrugged. <p>Updated: Tue Feb 04, 2020</p> b966a06b64c4e098a3f7ed83e97bb945 All the President's Henchmen for 02/02/2020 Sun, 02 Feb 2020 00:00:00 -0800 <p></p><p>WASHINGTON &#8212; Lev Parnas, the Ukrainian-born American who has photos and video to prove that he knows President Donald Trump, showed up outside the Senate impeachment trial on Wednesday. </p> <p>Parnas couldn't get into the chamber because the indicted associate of Rudy Giuliani was wearing an ankle monitor as a condition of his bail. But he was able to tell reporters how much he really wants to testify under oath. <p>Updated: Sun Feb 02, 2020</p> 4bcbf8eb07d24fdd264968ce87ae6b85 Fact-Checkers Only Looking At One Side for 01/26/2020 Sun, 26 Jan 2020 00:00:00 -0800 <p>WASHINGTON &#8212; Google "fact-check Senate impeachment" and you can read about all the factual errors made by President Donald Trump's team of lawyers. What about those of the House impeachment managers? Apparently, this week, head prosecutor Adam Schiff and his colleagues cannot tell a lie. Or even a half-truth. </p> <p> rattles off the White House's sins. White House counsel Pat Cipollone wrongly suggested that Republicans were barred from closed-door depositions conducted by the House Intelligence Committee. </p> <p>Trump attorney Jay Sekulow falsely said that the Trump team was denied "the right to have counsel present at hearings" &#8212; when the Trump lawyers declined to participate. <p>Updated: Sun Jan 26, 2020</p> 5ebf78c72db51a461e8f47137dd32716 Donald Trump and the Company He Keeps for 01/19/2020 Sun, 19 Jan 2020 00:00:00 -0800 <p></p><p>WASHINGTON &#8212; In the first half of January, Americans saw President Donald Trump at his best. </p> <p>Trump ordered a Jan. 3 drone strike that killed Iranian terror leader Qassem Soleimani in response to Iranian proxies who rushed the U.S. embassy in Baghdad and killed a U.S. contractor serving in Iraq. It was an appropriate response. <p>Updated: Sun Jan 19, 2020</p> 4f063f33cd34bef62bfccc4eb3993b32 Tech and Diversity of Thought for 01/12/2020 Sun, 12 Jan 2020 00:00:00 -0800 <p>WASHINGTON &#8212; When the Consumer Technology Association announced that Ivanka Trump, elder daughter and adviser to President Donald Trump, would be a keynote speaker at CES 2020, some of the very people who had been pushing for more female speakers, and more diversity in general, at the country's premier tech confab actually protested. </p> <p>Some, such as Forbes' Carolina Milanesi, argued that Trump was a bad choice because she lacked tech credentials. "There are many more women who are in tech and are entrepreneurs who could run circles around Trump on how technology will impact the future of work," Milanesi wrote. </p> <p>On social media others were more honest: They maintained that the first daughter shouldn't have a place on the stage because, well, she is a Trump &#8212; and a distaff Trump, which made for some rather crude and misogynistic nicknames typed by anonymous scolds. <p>Updated: Sun Jan 12, 2020</p> 2d3407e5f989568e968c1efd2532205d 'Cancel Culture' Candidates Don't Make the Cut in Democratic Primary for 01/05/2020 Sun, 05 Jan 2020 00:00:00 -0800 <p></p><p>WASHINGTON &#8212; Former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro announced Thursday that he was bowing out of the 2020 Democratic primary. The only reason to notice or care is that Castro was one of the more shrill candidates, so it's good that he never found purchase in the crowded field and hence had to "suspend" his campaign. </p> <p>Like Kamala Harris, the California Democratic senator who dropped out in December, <span class="column--highlighted-text">Castro has been part of the left's "cancel culture" that seeks to silence those with differing views </span>rather than to debate in the marketplace of ideas. <p>Updated: Sun Jan 05, 2020</p> eeba1c5cbf45eb37b8980ca8f8f6c575 Old Enough to Vote, Not Old Enough to Smoke for 12/29/2019 Sun, 29 Dec 2019 00:00:00 -0800 <p></p><p>WASHINGTON &#8212; I started smoking in high school and quit in my early 20s. I wish I never smoked, but I did. I thought it was cool until I knew it was stupid. That's when I quit.</p> <p>Laws that restricted the sale of cigarettes to those 18 or older didn't stop me. Because 18-year-olds can buy for younger teens, anti-tobacco advocates supported raising the legal age of purchase to 21 to make it harder for 16-year-olds to get their hands on tobacco and e-cigarettes. <p>Updated: Sun Dec 29, 2019</p> 1927e16b8ada3c2cebf26417e552bb0a Democrats Rush to Impeach Trump, Then Sit on It for 12/21/2019 Sat, 21 Dec 2019 00:00:00 -0800 <p></p><p>WASHINGTON &#8212; Imagine there is a murder trial that takes months and involves many witnesses, and then, at the end, the prosecutor announces that he's done such a great job of arguing guilt, he's not going to send the case to the jury.</p> <p>That's sort of what happened Wednesday night after the Democratic House voted to impeach President Donald Trump. With a win in her column, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., had to confess that she wasn't ready to send the articles to the GOP Senate. <p>Updated: Sat Dec 21, 2019</p> 66e3a77bc195fdfb1fa824806c65f309 The FBI Did Russia's Dirty Work for 12/15/2019 Sun, 15 Dec 2019 00:00:00 -0800 <p></p><p>WASHINGTON &#8212; A recent CNN story framed Attorney General Bill Barr's criticisms of the FBI's behavior in the Russia probe as "attacks," which could have a "chilling effect" on law enforcement. The metaphor makes it sound as if an innocent institution is getting mugged.</p> <p>But the "rank behavior," as Barr put it during an interview with The Wall Street Journal, chronicled in Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz's report, released Monday, make clear the FBI could use a good freeze.<p>Updated: Sun Dec 15, 2019</p> 0e504ae6ed59309793e636a5ea949b7a Trump Just Can't Help Himself for 12/08/2019 Sun, 08 Dec 2019 00:00:00 -0800 <p></p><p>LONDON &#8212; On Wednesday, President Donald Trump abruptly left a NATO summit near London and canceled a scheduled press conference after Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was caught on camera amusing fellow big shots as he marveled at Trump's long-winded sessions with the press. Trump exhibited a classic case of being able to dish it out but not take it. </p> <p>Foreign policy guru Ian Bremmer tweeted out the video with a comment: "This happens at every NATO summit with Trump. Every G7. Every G20. The US President is mocked by US allies behind his back." <p>Updated: Sun Dec 08, 2019</p>