Debra J. Saunders from Creators Syndicate Creators Syndicate is an international syndication company that represents cartoonists and columnists of the highest caliber. en Wed, 22 May 2019 01:35:40 -0700 Debra J. Saunders from Creators Syndicate 718a1025372317f8c3e45f68e2905c84 A Common-Sense Ruling on Death Penalty Drugs for 05/19/2019 Sun, 19 May 2019 00:00:00 -0700 <p></p><p>WASHINGTON &#8212; If there's one thing that tells you government in America is too big and unaccountable, it's when one branch of government stops another government from doing what it was set up to do, even if it's not the first agency's job. Case in point: Under President Barack Obama, the Food and Drug Administration stopped multiple states from carrying out executions because the agency had not approved the drugs they intended to use for lethal injection. Really.</p> <p>President Donald Trump's Department of Justice is changing that.<p>Updated: Sun May 19, 2019</p> 6d98eba990e30d4efad675b46b8c62dc Past Attorney General Went Unpunished for Contempt for 05/12/2019 Sun, 12 May 2019 00:00:00 -0700 <p></p><p>WASHINGTON &#8212; Can Attorney General William Barr thumb his nose at Congress and get away with it? Can the nation's top lawman refuse to honor a House Judiciary Committee subpoena for an unredacted version of special counsel Robert Mueller's report and not pay a penalty?</p> <p>In 2012, then-Attorney General Eric Holder did just that. Holder defied a congressional subpoena to furnish documents about Operation "Fast and Furious," a program to attempt to trace gun trafficking along the southwest border that went awry. The House held Holder in contempt, but since Holder declined to indict himself, the controversy faded. Holder resigned in 2015.<p>Updated: Sun May 12, 2019</p> 1c5f04bfdfc47283e6e7d823919f4009 The $2 Trillion Infrastructure Trap for 05/05/2019 Sun, 05 May 2019 00:00:00 -0700 <p></p><p>WASHINGTON &#8212; House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer emerged from the White House on Tuesday after meeting with President Donald Trump. They announced that Trump and congressional Democrats had agreed to spend $2 trillion on a big infrastructure package.</p> <p>It's amazing how chummy partisans can be when they doubt they will actually have to get anything done &#8212; other than set a trap for the other side.<p>Updated: Sun May 05, 2019</p> 03d199540434d380596abf3d539af8e9 The 'What If' Question for the White House for 04/28/2019 Sun, 28 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0700 <p></p><p>WASHINGTON &#8212; The "what if" question of President Donald Trump's presidency is this: How would Trump have entered office if then-FBI Director James Comey had not told him about a "dossier" on Trump's ties with Russia &#8212; which major news organizations declined to report on because their crack reporters could not substantiate it &#8212; when they first met in Trump Tower on Jan. 6, 2017? </p> <p>Is it possible that instead of delivering his dark "American carnage" inaugural address, Trump would have taken the oath of office with the optimism he displayed on election night? In the warm glow of victory, Trump told America, "It is time for us to come together as one united people." <p>Updated: Sun Apr 28, 2019</p> a4c543b0fa85872b38d6fba79060ef88 The Heroes of the Mueller Report for 04/21/2019 Sun, 21 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0700 <p></p><p>WASHINGTON &#8212; Now that special counsel Robert Mueller's report is out, it is time to salute the heroes.</p> <p>Mueller is not among them. He was a hero when he served in Vietnam. During his career as a prosecutor, he won the respect of colleagues who still talk of him as a godlike figure. But in this role, Mueller became living proof that there is such a thing as too much rectitude.<p>Updated: Sun Apr 21, 2019</p> 716a433431dc55be713785128128a517 After Rapid Rise, Michael Avenatti Sees Inevitable Fall for 04/14/2019 Sun, 14 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0700 <p></p><p>WASHINGTON &#8212; Last week, federal prosecutors released a 61-page indictment against attorney Michael Avenatti, who allegedly bilked his own clients to bankroll his lavish lifestyle. Last month, federal prosecutors in New York charged him with trying to extort millions from Nike.</p> <p>Avenatti says he is not guilty, and he is entitled to a presumption of innocence on criminal charges. Still, his rise and fall presents an apt moment to ask how such a feral figure was so quickly elevated in the public eye, before what seems to be an inevitable fall.<p>Updated: Sun Apr 14, 2019</p> a435190494835fdc94096e0e7f6d8c65 Enforcement Trumps a Border Wall for 04/07/2019 Sun, 07 Apr 2019 00:00:00 -0700 <p></p><p>WASHINGTON &#8212; During the two years when Democrats controlled the Oval Office, Senate and House, President Barack Obama squandered a major opportunity. </p> <p>He failed to push for a vote on a DREAM Act, which would create a path to citizenship for qualified undocumented immigrants who came to the United States as minors. That matter was left for a vote in the lame-duck Congress; and that vote proved to be a gesture, as the Democratic Senate failed to garner the needed 60 votes. America will never know how it might have ended if Obama had put his back into it. <p>Updated: Sun Apr 07, 2019</p> 25314c2d41b805ee95da48e9061236d3 There Was No Collusion, Adam Schiff for 03/31/2019 Sun, 31 Mar 2019 00:00:00 -0700 <p>WASHINGTON &#8212; President Donald Trump called on House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff to resign from Congress. That, of course, is not going to happen.</p> <p>Even after special counsel Robert Mueller found no conspiracy or coordination between Trump's 2016 campaign and Russian actors, Schiff told The Washington Post, "Undoubtedly, there is collusion."</p> <p>That establishes Schiff as a facts-don't-matter chairman who makes fellow Democrats seem immune to reality. But that's their right, and Schiff did win his Southern California district with 78 percent of the vote.<p>Updated: Sun Mar 31, 2019</p> 47ab53593cdd2736d3563a25d79f4a05 Trump's Bully Pit for 03/24/2019 Sun, 24 Mar 2019 00:00:00 -0700 <p></p><p>WASHINGTON &#8212; During a week when President Donald Trump should have been beating his chest nonstop to celebrate the strong U.S. economy, he instead chose to flog his enemies, dead and alive, on Twitter and on camera.</p> <p>On Wednesday, Trump bashed the late Sen. John McCain, a war hero and Vietnam POW, in front of Ohio supporters who did not appear to see the dead man bashing as just clean fun. "I never liked him much," Trump offered, flaunting his conviction that people actually care whom he does and does not like.<p>Updated: Sun Mar 24, 2019</p> 0661b09a2df99afc4de5bb2d85838827 California Governor Praised for Things That Get Trump Condemned for 03/17/2019 Sun, 17 Mar 2019 00:00:00 -0700 <p></p><p>WASHINGTON &#8212; President Donald Trump, meet California Gov. Gavin Newsom, the Democratic rising star who tracks mud across the legal system the same way you do, <span class="column--highlighted-text">but his dirty footprints win accolades from the mainstream media.</span> </p> <p>Wednesday, Newsom signed an executive order granting execution reprieves for all 737 inmates on California's death row. The night before the signing, a New York Times headline announced, "After Soul Searching, Gov. Gavin Newsom Will Halt Executions in California." <p>Updated: Sun Mar 17, 2019</p> e83ef7586374403a328e175927b98cac Foxes and Hounds for 03/10/2019 Sun, 10 Mar 2019 00:00:00 -0800 <p></p><p>WASHINGTON &#8212; Fox News reporter Peter Doocy trailed Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., as she walked through a Capitol hallway on Wednesday so that he could ask her: "Rep. Omar, there seems to be some confusion among your colleagues. Are you anti-Semitic?"</p> <p>Rather than say "yes" or "no," Omar refused to respond, even as House Democrats were wrangling over a resolution condemning anti-Semitism that was drafted in response to Omar's comments about Israel supporters pushing "allegiance to a foreign country."<p>Updated: Sun Mar 10, 2019</p> 1c019f2a19a4b9081395e0ae6c3c76c5 Cohen Hearing Shows There's No Grand Case Against Trump for 03/03/2019 Sun, 03 Mar 2019 00:00:00 -0800 <p></p><p>WASHINGTON &#8212; At one point during his hours of testimony before the House Committee on Oversight and Reform Wednesday, President Donald Trump's former personal attorney and "fixer" Michael Cohen was asked what "breaking point" prompted him to split with Trump.</p> <p>"There were several factors," Cohen responded. "Helsinki" &#8212; a reference to Trump's summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin last year &#8212; "Charlottesville" &#8212; think Trump's racially insensitive decision to blame "many sides" for the death of an activist protesting white nationalism &#8212; and "watching the daily destruction of our civility to one another."<p>Updated: Sun Mar 03, 2019</p> dde6152247efd61e3abdd94bbc72b848 Debate Over Isis Bride's Citizenship Not About Trump for 02/24/2019 Sun, 24 Feb 2019 00:00:00 -0800 <p></p><p>WASHINGTON &#8212; In 2014, Hoda Muthana, then 20 years old, left Alabama to become an ISIS bride in Syria. When she left the United States, she posted her passport on her Twitter account and implied she was about to burn it.</p> <p>Now Muthana wants to return to the U.S. with her 18-month-old son, but President Donald Trump doesn't want to let her back in the country.<p>Updated: Sun Feb 24, 2019</p> d629a8a9cbc0bd11f61c1998c884df64 Ex-FBI Deputy Director Has History of Misleading Statements for 02/17/2019 Sun, 17 Feb 2019 00:00:00 -0800 <p></p><p>WASHINGTON &#8212; Former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe will be on "60 Minutes" Sunday night, and you can expect to see stories on him and his new book for days. You can also expect McCabe to portray himself as an upright lawman who stood up to President Donald Trump out of fear that the Russians may have helped carry Trump all the way to the White House. </p> <p><span class="column--highlighted-text">There is one thing you should know about McCabe.</span> <p>Updated: Sun Feb 17, 2019</p> 3ebb055dac6be7b5e16bd70496faf85b Radical White Wing for 02/10/2019 Sun, 10 Feb 2019 00:00:00 -0800 <p></p><p>WASHINGTON &#8212; Since politics in 2019 is the art of making the other party look worse, President Donald Trump's State of the Union address was a partisan home run.</p> <p>It was a solid speech that showed Trump reaching across the aisle by proposing policies such as paid family leave that should be wildly popular with Democrats.<p>Updated: Sun Feb 10, 2019</p> d560b8ff969e85c0570d056029d062a4 Trump's Speech Offers Democrats Sugar and Vinegar for 02/06/2019 Wed, 06 Feb 2019 00:00:00 -0800 <p></p><p>WASHINGTON &#8212; President Donald Trump pushed hard for the moment when he could deliver this State of the Union address with all the pomp the Capitol venue can offer &#8212; robed Supreme Court justices, solons of the Senate, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wearing suffragette white, and prime time on America's TV sets. </p> <p>Tuesday night, he used it to his advantage.<p>Updated: Wed Feb 06, 2019</p> 876dff67f5feb917b692fc17239a3b94 The State of Trump's Union for 02/03/2019 Sun, 03 Feb 2019 00:00:00 -0800 <p></p><p>WASHINGTON &#8212; President Donald Trump's State of the Union address on Tuesday follows a midterm election that flipped the House to Democrats and a longest-ever 35-day partial government shutdown that ended only when he folded on his demand that a bill to fund the government include $5.7 billion for a border wall. </p> <p>Part of Trump's appeal to his base stems from his refusal to back down. <p>Updated: Sun Feb 03, 2019</p> efc5b377275d729471847b60300a8adb Buzzfeed, Twitter Provide Two Black Eyes for Media for 01/27/2019 Sun, 27 Jan 2019 00:00:00 -0800 <p></p><p>WASHINGTON &#8212; First, Buzzfeed News ran a story Jan. 16 that asserted President Donald Trump told his long-time private attorney Michael Cohen to lie to Congress about talks with Russia about a Trump Tower in Moscow. The sources? Two anonymous federal law enforcement officials. </p> <p>By Friday of that week, a thin gruel of a story had put cable news in a ferocious feeding frenzy as pundits breathlessly pronounced that, "if true," Trump should be impeached. Yes, they jumped on an anonymously sourced story that they wanted to be true, then cagily waved the "if true" disclaimer just in case reality intruded. <p>Updated: Sun Jan 27, 2019</p> ee5999952595760c781892dcc1436da2 Both GOP, Democrats Must Feel Heat for Shutdown to End for 01/20/2019 Sun, 20 Jan 2019 00:00:00 -0800 <p></p><p>WASHINGTON &#8212; The partial government shutdown will end when both sides think they are losing the political war that started it &#8212; and not before then.</p> <p>Yes it can end if one side caves, or if President Donald Trump declares a national emergency to fund a border wall, but that is not likely to happen within the next pay period or two, if at all.<p>Updated: Sun Jan 20, 2019</p> 81525f0060f4d381eecc7cd0fd7e85b1 Harry Reid Calls Trump 'Amoral' -- and He Should Know for 01/13/2019 Sun, 13 Jan 2019 00:00:00 -0800 <p></p><p>WASHINGTON &#8212; The gift that keeps on giving for President Donald Trump is that his fiercest critics on the left are no paragons of virtue. </p> <p>During an interview with Nevada Public Radio (KNPR) on Thursday, former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called Trump "amoral," proposed that newly minted Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, would make a "great foil against Trump" and said Romney should run against Trump in 2020.<p>Updated: Sun Jan 13, 2019</p>