About Peter Guren

Peter Guren

Peter Guren

With two dogs, two cats, two horses, and countless frogs and toads, Ask Shagg creator Peter Guren doesn't have to go too far to find firsthand answers to readers' animal questions.

Of course, if Guren gets stumped, he is just an Internet away for up-to-date reference material to dig through -- even the toughest questions from pensive     9-year-olds become creative cartoons with all the right answers.

Besides being the brain behind Shagg E. Dawg's furry cartoon brawn, Guren is lending Shagg’s expertise to zoological parks across the country. The Cleveland Zoo is the first to launch a program using signage designed around the Ask Shagg comic strip. The feature will also be involved with projects between the zoo and local schools.

Guren has also helped Shagg with his kid-friendly searchable animal directory for the Internet, appropriately titled "askshagg.com." If you are looking for animal information, Shagg and his staff personally treat you to thousands of different answers to questions from loyal readers. Confused? Go to askshagg.com and try it yourself!

Guren lives in Cleveland with his wife and animal menagerie.