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Margo Howard

Margo Howard

Margo Howard is the daughter of Eppie Lederer, who wrote an advice column as Ann Landers for over 40 years, until her death in June 2002. Howard, following in her mother's footsteps, spent eight years writing the Dear Prudence column for the online magazine Slate.

Howard started at the Chicago Tribune in the late '60s. After six months, syndicates were vying for her services. To be in the best syndicate at the time (The Field Syndicate), she moved to the Chicago Daily-News. Her thrice-weekly column, Margo, was social commentary written with humor.

When Howard moved to Los Angeles in 1977, she left the news business and freelanced for magazines as varied as The New Republic, People, The Nation and TV Guide. She has been a guest columnist for New York Newsday and a regular columnist for Boston Magazine, and continues to write essays for national magazines.

Howard has written two books, Eppie: The Story of Ann Landers, a family memoir published in 1982, and recently, A Life in Letters: Ann Landers' Letters to Her Only Child. The paperback version was titled, Ann Landers in Her Own Words: Personal Letters to Her Daughter.

Having been divorced, she is now married to Dr. Ronald Weintraub, a Harvard heart surgeon, and has three grown children. Her elder daughter is a wife and mother; her middle child, a son, is a screenwriter/director based in London; and her younger daughter is a physician.

Howard attended Brandeis University and, like her mother, did not graduate. Howard has served on several boards over the years. She says she is "a newspaper kid" who just kept going.

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