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Lindsey Novak

Lindsey Novak

Lindsey Novak excitedly began her career as writer/producer of CBS WBBM-TV Editorials (the Opinion of Management). She loved the position and became known for writing astute editorials but longed to advance into other areas of writing. She became the marketing and public relations manager for a nationally known commercial photography lab with a client list of famous commercial photographers. She set a goal and achieved greater publicity and market awareness than the company ever had received. She was trained in all the professional photographic processes, and through trade magazine articles, specialty newsletters and press releases, she created news hooks and stories to gain the public’s attention. But she had more long-term goals to achieve. She began at Mayer Brown & Platt (now Mayer Brown LLP), one of the country’s top law firms assigned to writing projects for senior partners in multiple practice areas.

After dedicating six years of working directly with Harvard, Stanford, Yale and other Ivy League law schools, Ms. Novak created the first interactive Q&A column on career and workplace advice. Her “At Work” column first appeared in The Chicago Tribune and spread to newspapers across the country, reaching millions as she provided practical and positive advice emphasizing how everyone could win through fair and diplomatic negotiation. “At Work” was nationally syndicated in 1995 and is still published on websites and in newspapers across the country.

Ms. Novak received her bachelor’s degree in communication with a double major in psychology from Northwestern University, and a Master of Arts in curriculum development from DePaul University. Her degrees were just the beginning.


  • Northwestern University Alumni Association Merit Award for Achievements
  • Northwestern University Writing Advisory Board Member to discuss potential certificate programs
  • Chosen for Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers – Outstanding evaluations from students
  • Selected for Today’s Chicago Woman: 100 Women Making a Difference
  • Received the Stellar Performance Award for Client Satisfaction from Drake Beam Morin International Outplacement Consultancy
  • Solely wrote an Illinois Grant awarded to The Culinary & Hospitality Institute of Chicago (CHIC) for the Chicago Farmers’ Market


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