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Lindsey Novak

Lindsey Novak

Lindsey Parker Novak is a Certified Life and Executive Coach and a Nationally Syndicated Workplace Columnist. Her journey began behind the cameras at WBBM-TV (CBS Chicago) writing and producing the opinion of management editorials. She moved into managing the marketing and public relations for a nationally known company; writing for a top five law firm; writing and managing the publication process for professional newsletters; and teaching college writing courses. During this career journey, she created the first interactive workplace column, appearing first in The Chicago Tribune.

Lindsey’s AT WORK column has reached millions, and the testimonials continue to mount as she provides practical and positive advice to help people create winning outcomes. People in all stages of their careers can get through anything with sound advice and a person who’s always willing to help. Opportunities abound. The key is to recognize and act on them. 


Northwestern University Alumni Association Merit Award

Northwestern University–Business/Technical Writing Advisory Board

Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers

Today’s Chicago Woman “100 Women Making a Difference”


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