About Jessica Burtch

Jessica Burtch

Jessica Burtch

I’m an editor, a columnist, a blogger, a ghostwriter, a manager, a playwright, a reader, a roadtripper and a mother. My two beautiful boys have four legs and pee outside.

I majored in literature and creative writing at the University of Texas at Austin, with a minor and graduate work in screenwriting. In Los Angeles, I studied playwriting with Scott Horstein, who dramaturged for Arthur Miller on Resurrection Blues, and screenwriting with DreamWorks senior story analyst Pilar Alessandra.

My writing has appeared in papers such as the Austin-American Statesman, The Austin Chronicle, The Boston Globe and The Denver Post, onstage at South Coast Repertory, and is regularly featured at DidionsBible.com and Creators.com. I’ve enjoyed a 10-year career as a professional editor.

Random 411:

I wrote my first play when I was 8, a murder mystery starring my little brother in the critically acclaimed role of the cruel villain, Ebeneeezer. That’s right: three “e’s.”

Current addiction: House of Cards

Previous addiction: Breaking Bad

Currently reading: Easy Riders/Raging Bulls, Beautiful Boy

Just finished: The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, Little Birds

Current movie recommend: Chef

Guilty pleasures: cookies, grilled cheese, New Orleans, Woody Allen

Things that make me want to do more, better, something: Best Friends Animal Society, Much Love Animal Rescue, CASA for Children, Sea Shepherd, people who cook

Dirty little secret: I’m in the newspaper business but haven’t had to wash ink from my hands in years.

I divide my time unevenly between Joshua Tree, Los Angeles and Austin.

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