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Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Rodham Clinton wrote her popular column "Talking It Over" for Creators Syndicate from 1995 to 2000. She is the only first lady other than Eleanor Roosevelt to write a syndicated column, and her columns have been offered in their entirety for the interest of our website readers, and as an illustration of an important part of Creators' history. Please note that these columns are made available as historical documents, and that none of Mrs. Clinton's columns are available for reuse or distribution.

Talking It Over Jan 01, 2008

EDITORS NOTE: The following column is the first syndicated column written by Hillary Clinton for Creators Syndicate. It was originally released on July 23, 1995. All subsequent columns are arranged beginning with those filed most recently (in 2000 ju... Read More

Talking It Over Dec 26, 2000

When I was a child, we decorated our family tree on Christmas Eve. With only one to decorate, we could afford to wait until the last minute. So, it was a surprise when the Chief Usher and the Social Secretary came to me shortly after my husband's fir... Read More

Talking It Over Dec 19, 2000

The Women's Bank occupies a one-room building in western India. The teller's counter is an old kitchen table covered with cloth. Bank clerks record all transactions by hand, on yellowed sheets that resemble worn-out telephone books. When I visited in... Read More

Talking It Over Dec 12, 2000