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Gary Markstein

Gary Markstein

Gary Markstein cut his cartooning teeth while doodling in the margins of his grade-school homework. Although the practice was frowned upon by his teachers, the budding cartoonist ignored their reprimands and went on to earn a degree in fine arts from Arizona State University.

Now he makes a living by skewering pompous public figures and politicians of every political stripe. Markstein, is an artist at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and was previously the cartoonist for the Tribune Newspapers in Arizona.  You can see his political work here .

His many awards for cartoons and illustrations include the Milwaukee Press Club Award, Cox Newspapers' Best Editorial Cartoonist award, a second-place National Headliner Award, a third-place Berryman award from the National Press Foundation (both in 1997) and the 1997 John Fischetti Editorial Cartoonist Competition for 1997. He won the Global Media Award for Excellence in Population Reporting two years in a row (2001, 2002).

Aside from his political cartoons, Markstein works with Anthony Rubino Jr. on a daily comic strip, Daddy's Home , an increasingly successful strip with 10 million readers and growing.