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Brian Anderson

Brian Anderson

Brian's earliest cartoon memories are of drawing James Bond-esque comics in second grade. His cartoons appeared in monthly grammar-school newsletters and then jumped to the St. John's High School paper (where he promptly found himself in the principal's office explaining the meaning of a giant soap-on-rope that had crushed a small sedan).

Public debate over his cartoons followed him to Holy Cross, where his strip was the most-read feature next to the sports section. Escaping the walls of academia in 1996, Brian pursued a career as a graphic designer and comic book artist. With comic book work scarce, Brian published his own comic book series, Absence of Light. He also worked as an editorial cartoonist for his hometown newspaper, The Town Crier.

Brian sent his college strip to the syndicates in 1998. Although there was interest in developing the feature, Brian knew this wasn't the strip for him. For the next few years, Brian spread his focus on his dark comic book visions and fledgling screenwriting career.

All that changed in 2003. In a matter of months, he became a husband, a homeowner and father of a chocolate Labrador puppy. With the support of his wife, Tammy, and the inspiration of his dog, Sophie, he created Dog Eat Doug. The daily strip debuted online in 2005 and continues to enjoy a growing, international fan base.