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Brett Koth

Brett Koth

Brett Koth drew on the walls of the womb, or at least that's how his mother recalls it felt at the time. The fact is, comics were all he ever wanted to do. He learned to read from them and, at the tender age of 6, announced to an amused family that he was going to be a cartoonist someday. Years passed, and amusement gradually turned to horror when they began to realize he really wasn't kidding.

Koth is a graduate of California Institute of the Arts, with a BFA in Character Animation. In a previous life, he worked at studios including Disney, Marvel and Don Bluth, doing character animation for video games, feature films and television shows. He has also worked extensively in the licensing field for Disney, Warner Bros., Pillsbury, Western Publishing, Pizza Hut, National Geographic Kids and many other companies featuring licensed characters.

Since 1986, he has collaborated with Jim Davis on the writing and art for the Garfield comic strip, along with licensing for the cat, which has included design and art for projects as diverse as a petting zoo, a planetarium show, a Rose Parade float and elementary-level English reading textbooks for schools in China. He also worked on many of the CBS "Garfield" television specials, and on the first season of the "Garfield and Friends" Saturday AM series. Additionally, Koth has contributed writing and art for the NEA Bugs Bunny strip. And he still writes for the cat.

Koth lives in a log cabin on a pond in Virginia with his wife, Mona, his son, Henry, his English bulldog, Bob, and around five dozen Canada geese, whose names he can't remember.

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