About Anthony Rubino Jr.

Anthony Rubino Jr.

Anthony Rubino Jr.

Tony Rubino first started cartooning in junior high to impress the chicks -- a strategy that failed miserably. When he somehow got into American University, his work was published in the school newspaper. Upon graduation, Tribune Media's College Press Service syndicated a version of the cartoon he wrote and drew for AU. Eventually he hooked up with an illustrator named Orrin Brewster, and together they produced "Colorblind," a nationally syndicated comic strip.

All the while, Tony contributed writing and cartoons to publications such as: MAD Magazine, National Lampoon, Cracked, Audience Magazine, Opium Magazine, and Sassy. (Yes … Sassy!)

You may also happen upon his words and designs on greeting cards and other product lines, including calendars, posters and apparel, sold in stores and catalogs such as: Bloomingdale's, Lord and Taylor, Wal-Mart, Spencer's Gifts, Signals, Wireless and Lillian Vernon. (Yes … Lillian Vernon!)

And somewhere along the way he wrote seven books. The latest four, "Life Lessons from Elvis," "Life Lessons from Your Dog," "Life Lessons from Your Cat" and "The Get Into Heaven Deck," are in stores now.

Today, though, Tony's out with a new strip and an incredibly talented new partner, Gary Markstein. The chicks remain unimpressed, but his new cartoon is his best work to date. Daddy's Home is a fresh and hilarious look at the contemporary trials and tribulations of a growing segment of the modern family dynamic -- the stay at home dad.

In his free time, you can find him working as a creative director and art director for the advertising and marketing industries in New York City.

He does all his own stunts.