Holiday Party Trends

By Chelle Cordero

November 6, 2016 5 min read

This year's holiday fashions will feature glitz and glamour perfect for all casual and formal occasions. Get ready for faux furs, capes, flared sleeves, asymmetrical hemlines, metallic fabrics and sequins. Think shiny accessories like large cocktail rings, metallic clutches and shiny red shoes to complement every outfit. Faux fur is being used as more than individual clothing pieces; it also adds whimsical and conversational accents to otherwise plain articles. The colors of the season will make a hit at every holiday gathering.

The standard rule of thumb is to wear a dressier version of your everyday business wardrobe to your holiday office party. An up/down hemline in a straight, A-line or lacy skirt should be paired with a shiny-fabric blouse with long and billowing sleeves. If the weather is cold, you can top your outfit off with a sequined sweater. Carry a clutch and slide into some fancy shoes. Fabrics should be natural wool and knitted or crocheted wool vests, sweaters or scarves. Popular colors for the 2016 holiday season are soft and pastel green, taupe, blue and all shades of red. French designer Paco Rabanne's 2016 winter collection showcased muted colors in beige, light grey, blue and black leather. Lace overlays go well in dressing up skirts and full street-length dresses.

Formal parties call for long lacy and billowing floor and ankle length asymmetrical dresses with teasing slits and peekaboo cutouts topped with faux fur stoles. Preferred fabrics are fine wool, cashmere or natural velvet in Marsala (rich red wine color) or metallic gold or silver. Add big gold colored buttons or big bowties in the back for a special touch. Another popular treatment is to top a pair of wide leg trousers with a pastel turtleneck and a faux fur vest. Finish off the outfit with gold and silver bangle bracelets, shiny bold heels and a slim, shiny clutch. Sequins are popular embellishments this year ...but don't overdo it or your outfit could look cheap.

Most women fit one of five body types: hourglass (curvy with a well-defined waist), apple (weight around the middle with thin legs), inverted triangle (very broad shoulders), athletic (boxy) and triangle (small upper body and thick hips). Choosing the right clothing silhouette will make you feel more confident in whatever you are wearing. Wear a belted waist for hourglass; an empire dress looks good on apples; A-lines add balance to the inverted triangle; draping, ruffles and pleats will emphasize curves in the athletic body; and a dress that is fitted on top and flared from the waist down will help to minimize the hips on a triangle body type. No matter what you wear, you should feel comfortable, and then you will look appropriately festive.

If you're spending Christmas Eve at home with the family, relax in a pair of crisp straight-leg dark jeans and a metallic sparkly blouse. A pair of bold color dressy heels or shiny pumps work well; or for a whimsical touch, a pair of clean sneakers with faux fur pom-poms tied onto the laces. On Christmas morning at home, put on a bulky knit sweater with sequined holiday patterns, a pair of leggings and plush slippers. If you're going out to brunch, try a favorite sleeveless dress worn over a turtleneck shirt and a large metal pendant. If the day is really cold, keep the leggings on, especially if the leggings and turtleneck match or are complimentary, and wear a pair of faux fur-lined boots.

Popular holiday outerwear includes wool-hooded capes with faux fur trim around the hood, puffer coats, trooper hats with faux fur earflaps and platform boots. Other dominating trends this holiday season include heavy sweaters with extra-long sleeves to keep the hands warm without gloves, Navy overcoats, patent trench coats and long oversize faux fur scarves. Full-length faux fur coats in pastel or patchwork designs make excellent eveningwear. There are a variety of boots available that will complement every winter outfit, whether you are trudging through the snow or you just need to keep your feet toasty warm -- styled as hikers, Uggs, duck boots, slim high fur-lined leather or suede boots, or even high-top sneakers -- and they are all waterproof or water-resistant.

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