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By Teresa Iqbal

November 10, 2015 4 min read

Holiday parties are the perfect excuse to get all dolled up. Luckily, there are plenty of options for both women and men when it comes to choosing the right style for any holiday gathering.

*The Little Black Dress/Staple Suit and Tie

Being comfortable and stylish is everyone's dream. Holiday parties are the perfect opportunity to pull out a girl's best friend: the little black dress. Choose styles with simple embellishments, such as lace or illusion netting for a hint of mystery -- which is always present during the holidays. Metallic heels or a clutch can help to add a tone of festivity and pull everything together into one classy look. Guys can don a favorite black suit for a classic and classy look.

*Work Clothes Aren't Just for Work

Your favorite and most figure-flattering work trousers are perfectly acceptable for any holiday party. Pair them with a fancy, silk top in your favorite color for a festive pop. Neutral heels will keep you looking sleek and pulled together. Bonus: You can transition from work to party in a breeze. Simply add some fancy jewelry, such as teardrop earrings, to jazz up your outfit. Also, a crisp and clean white button-down is a great accompaniment to a more fun, holiday skirt. Always remember to keep sexy to a minimum when it comes to office gatherings. Guys can have fun with colors and fabrics when it comes to repurposing work clothes. A bright colored vest underneath a blazer is a fun and fancy combination that looks professional all day long.

*Pull Out All the Stops

The holidays are an excuse to go all-out. Shiny, metallic materials and embellishments are perfectly acceptable, and definitely admired at any holiday party. Don't be afraid to mix fancy elements. A gold or silver sequined dress is one fun way to garner attention while feeling like a princess. Have fun with accessories such as emerald green heels and an emerald cocktail ring. A tux is an extra fancy option for men that can be worn in classic black and white. James Bond will approve. And for the daring gentleman, try a cool holiday color -- such as midnight blue.

*Don't Be Afraid to Be Comfy

For those cold, winter days, there's nothing better than an outfit that you can sip both hot chocolate and martinis in. There are plenty of options for those seeking a cozy, comfy feeling -- even at a holiday party. A simple, black turtleneck is a great companion to classy, yet fun pieces. Try a jeweled tone skirt, perhaps in red or blue. For those especially cold days, black tights paired with black heels or boots will keep you feeling warm and looking chic. Turtleneck dresses are another option. Pair these with a long statement necklace to add a touch of interest to an otherwise plain outfit. Guys can pull out the sweaters and sweater vests to achieve a similar look and feel.

*Velvet: the Perfect Holiday Comeback Fabric

Velvet clothing drifts in and out of style. However, there's one thing that is certain about velvet: It evokes feelings of the holidays. There are plenty of ways to wear velvet in a stylish way. Velvet blazers in black or a fun color are an especially trendy look, for both ladies and men. Velvet skinny jeans in a jewel tone, such as teal or deep purple, paired with a black top and black heels is another great way to incorporate this classy fabric.

*What About Jeans?

Jeans are perfectly acceptable for most holiday parties. The same rules apply for both men and women. Try for a well-fitted pair in a darker shade of denim and avoid any rips. A good idea is to pair denim with a fancy updo and a statement necklace to ensure that your look doesn't come off as too casual. For men, pairing denim with a solid button-down and blazer in a neutral color is a great way to elevate this look.

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