Suit Up!

By Kristen Castillo

May 30, 2017 5 min read

Looking your best is a must on your wedding day. Though the focus is usually on the bride and bridesmaids, the groom and groomsmen also need to look sharp. Luckily, the fashion world is paying more attention to the guys in the wedding. Say so long to the ubiquitous penguin suit of the past. With a variety of colors, styles and fits, groomsmen have lots of choices.

*Fun and Fashionable

"For an up-to-date groomsmen look, consider trading the standard black tuxedo in for suits of muted colors and prints," says wedding expert Sophie Darling, editor at, noting rich jewel tones like burgundy and royal blue, as well as shades of gray are chic and classy.

She also suggests accenting gray suits with bursts of color. "Adding bright pinks, yellows, or blues create a cheerier look, while deep wine and black accessories give your suit a regal air," she says.

Patterns including tweed and plaid are also popping up in guy's formalwear as a way to add personality.

Darling suggests groomsmen choose subtle patterns with thin lines for a formal look; or opt for a bit of pattern with accessories like a patterned tie, pocket handkerchief or neck scarf.

According to online formalwear retailer Stitch & Tie by Friar Tux Shop, blue, ranging from light blue to midnight blue, is the "it" color this season for both suits and tuxedos.

Another trend has the groom wearing one color while his groomsmen wear a different color. It's a stylish way to help the groom stand out.

Groomsmen accessories are full of fun, too. Consider snazzy socks to spice things up. Flashy shoes are hip as well. Brown or cognac-colored shoes look great with gray, blue and tan suits.


No doubt, groomsmen fashion is on point. Even better? The price.

While everything about weddings tends to be expensive, attire for the guys is still fairly affordable. According to The Wedding Report, tuxedos for rentals and purchase were an average of $208 in 2016, while accessories cost an average of $103. If that still seems costly, consider bridal attire averaged $1,221 for the dress and $224 for accessories in 2016.

"As a general rule of thumb, grooms should buy suits and rent tuxedos," says Darling. "It makes more sense to spend money on something the groom will be able to wear again after the wedding, and suit sales mean that often the purchase turns out to be cheaper than anticipated."

*Rental Pros and Cons

There are lots of positives to renting formalwear, including flexibility.

"You can experiment with your style, try fun new colors or even just rent accessories to switch up your look," says Lauren Dorta, vice president of marketing at Stitch & Tie by Friar Tux Shop.

Plus it's convenient. Order in person and you'll get fit advice from the in-store stylist. Or go online and place your order using your measurements and reading help guides.

Still renting can have its drawbacks, such as a suit or tux not fitting just right. However, many companies will send a replacement order well in advance of the wedding to make the customer is satisfied.

*Buying Pros and Cons

Investing in a suit or tuxedo, as well as dress shoes, can be a smart decision.

"Having a few staples of formal wear in your closet like a black, navy or gray suit can dress you for several events from every day work to weddings," says Dorta, noting classic white or light blue shirts and a good belt are also worthy buys.

But buying isn't always the best. Styles change and so can you. There's a chance "you will outgrow a look either stylistically or physically," says Dorta.

If you do buy a suit or tux, make sure the look is classic so it can transition for different events for years to come.

Kristen Castillo is a three-time Emmy Award-winning journalist. An editor and writer for wedding magazines, she's written hundreds of wedding articles, as well as an e-book, "Weddings on a Dime."

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