Print Is Still A Hit

By Sharon Naylor

July 12, 2016 4 min read

Many couples who are used to digital photo sharing are tempted to forgo print photo albums offered by wedding photographers, but such a decision may do more harm than good. Here are five reasons ordering a print wedding photo album is still a must.

1) Technology is changing faster than ever before. Danielle Richards, professional wedding photographer at Danielle Richards Photography, says that wedding couples of years past likely have a VHS copy of their wedding video and now find themselves unable to watch the video because the tape has broken or they no longer have a VHS player. As follows, "In five years, it could be hard to find technology that plays a DVD," says Richards. Technological innovations could leave you "scrambling to find someone who can convert your precious wedding photo files into something your newly upgraded computer can read." Letting your disc of wedding photos collect dust isn't ideal, but neither is having to copy and transfer them digitally every few years.

2) Making prints from your digital photo album is just one more thing to add to your to-do list. You have to choose the photos, go to a photo shop, order the prints, pay for them, pick them up, buy picture frames and then assemble it all together. Sounds like a fun post-honeymoon activity, doesn't it? No, it doesn't. Before you know it months have passed and still no prints. Richards says that tensions can build between partners when one promises to print out wedding photos but doesn't follow through.

3) A print album is a valuable keepsake. It's one of the only tangible items you'll keep from your wedding forever, a priceless reminder of your special day and those who shared it with you. "While no one wants to think about their loved ones passing away," Richards says, "a time will come when a loved one is no longer with you. There in your photo album you will have beautifully shot, beautifully preserved photos of your loved one laughing, smiling, dancing and having the time of their life alongside you." An album is a family heirloom you can pull out and flip through at any time. There's something to be said, too, for passing a tangible object on to your children.

4) It's easy to lose track of digital files. Open your desk drawer and you'll see a dozen identical flash drives and CDs. Who knows if they'll be thrown out, misplaced or copied over? Additionally, backing up photos on computers can be a confusing and cumbersome that's not necessarily foolproof. Sure, your photos will be safe if there's a fire. But there's no doubt every single one of us has sat back and scratched our foreheads when trying to upload photos to the cloud, or whatever digital storage program you use. External hard drives are known to have a certain shelf life, too. A print photo album requires less maintenance and can be a safer bet.

5) God is in the details. Wedding albums you can order online are nothing like ones your wedding photographer can. Professional photographers have access to high-quality, customizable, beautiful designs. Plus, the album will likely be constructed with acid-free materials that will preserve and protect your photos.

A print wedding album is almost always built in to your wedding photographer package. Don't worry, you can still get a digital copy of all your photos so you can share them on social media, store them on your phone and laptop or even display them on Apple TV. Print photos are beautiful, timeless reminders of your big day.

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