Dress Trends

By Julia Price

July 1, 2015 3 min read

Weddings are a big deal. All the planning, coordinating, decision-making, letdowns, stressful situations -- they all fade away and become worth it the moment the bride walks down the aisle. So of course, no pressure with picking out the perfect dress or anything, right?!

But really, it's hard to go wrong nowadays. Luckily for everyone, the '80s have come and gone and have graciously taken their wedding dress signature styles with them.

In general, wedding dresses are veering toward a less poofy look and going toward a sleeker, form-fitting hourglass shape. This creates a more dramatic effect when the train of the dress fills out behind the bride while also enhancing feminine strength in the upper body.

Another trend this season is the off-the-shoulder look. Several years ago, the sleeveless dress was a big hit, but now it's been slightly modified to keep the shoulders bare with the straps lightly hanging off. Whether the dress is white silk, Chantilly lace or ballgown-style, this off-the-shoulder appeal creates a delicate look.

The popular shabby chic furniture trend seems to have influenced brides-to-be, as well. Seeing as many couples are choosing the country feel -- complete with Mason jars -- for their big day, it makes sense that women are looking for a dress to match that vibe. You'll see more and more dresses with corded details and lace accents, and you'll see less beadwork than you have on some of the past looks.

Also trending this season is embellishing the back of the dress. In addition to adding a new element of beauty, it makes sense because guests will have a close visual of the bride's back as she's approaching her husband-to-be. Intricate detailing on the back might include a crisscross or sparkling tulle. Some brides are opting for completely backless dresses. This goes well with layers of lace and the silhouette look.

Though it's good to look for many options online (try http://www.brides.com or search for your perfect look on Pinterest), you've got to trust your gut with what feels right for you. This is one of those situations where no matter who else speaks up, as long as you're saying "I do" to the dress, then you're going to be happy.

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