Getting Married?

By Kristen Castillo

April 25, 2012 5 min read

Need to know the weather in another city? A sports score? The latest gossip? All the answers are in your pocket.

You can get all this information with the touch of a button on your smartphone, which, chances are, you already own. According to eMarketer, a company that does research and analysis on digital marketing and media, in 2012, 47 percent of Americans will own smartphones, and 46 percent of Canadians will also own one of the devices.

The information you want is clustered neatly in applications, known as "apps," on your smartphone (and tablets, too).

It seems there's an app for everything -- from news and finance to fashion and shopping to sports and social media.

As you plan your special day, here's a look at six wedding apps to consider.

1) Etsy (free -- iPhone, Android). Launched in the fall of 2011, the Etsy app is the counterpart to, the website known for custom items from clothes to accessories to decor.

"Everything on Etsy is unique," says the company's director of product, Leland Rechis.

Although the site and the app aren't exclusive to weddings, Etsy is a big draw for brides-to-be.

"Usage is really high on mobile apps," says Rechis. "You can be anywhere, and it's easy to scroll through. We keep the photos really big, and it's easy to search."

So far, Etsy's app has more than 1 million downloads.

"It's easy to get inspired," says Rechis, who explains that items in the wedding category are really popular, including jewelry, invitations, decorations and anything vintage.

2) Wedding Plandroid (free -- Android). Wedding Plandroid helps couples manage the wedding budget, track the guest list, and stay on schedule. There's a "pre-loaded database," where users can customize wedding data. You can also use the app to look for vendors and manage your vendor list.

3) WeddingHappy (free, upgrade for unlimited tasks and no ads -- iPhone, iPad). "WeddingHappy's focus is on task, time and vendor management for planning a wedding," says Liz Hedstrom, developer and co-founder of WeddingHappy, a software engineer and a recent bride.

The app give users "a customizable list of tasks with suggested due dates based on the anticipated wedding date," says Hedstrom, noting the app gives users reminders to help them stay on schedule.

WeddingHappy, which is integrated with the iPhone Calendar, Facebook and Twitter, has neutral colors for use by both brides and grooms.

"I really wanted to create an app that would be used regularly by grooms and brides to help them manage all of the different things that need to be done to plan the wedding," says Hedstrom.

Users like WeddingHappy, too. One comment in the app store says, "Bride's best friend!" Another says, "Perfect -- I absolutely love this app, it makes the planning and scheduling so much easier."

4) BRIDES Wedding Genius (free, upgrade to the BRIDES Digital Wedding Binder for $2.99 -- iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch). Use this app to browse gowns, jewelry, honeymoons and more. Plus, you can assign tasks to yourself or others (like members of your wedding party).

Find a favorite dress or other wedding item? The app lets you share it via email, Facebook and Twitter.

5) The Wedding Elite Magazine (99 cents per issue, $1.99 for annual subscription -- iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch -- Android and BlackBerry coming soon). "The app has photo galleries, videos, registration forms, and other ways of connecting with vendors," says Matt Mizell of The Wedding Elite Magazine.

Articles cover topics including honeymoon destinations, custom vows and creative lighting.

"We are the No. 1 wedding magazine app in the world for iPhones based on the number of daily downloads," says Mizell.

The user reviews are positive. One writes, "Awesome!" Another says, "Great content and wonderful design."

6) Pinterest (free -- iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android). Just like its Web counterpart,, the Pinterest app allows you to search for wedding inspiration. Browse flowers you like, mull over your favorite chair covers, and look for hairstyles you love.

This virtual pin board helps you track what you love by pinning and re-pinning your bridal picks to your boards.

*What's "App"ening?

New apps are coming to the marketplace all the time, so if you can't find one you like, keep looking!

Search your smartphone for additional wedding planning apps. Get specific and search for wedding fashion and style; track your timeline with bridal countdowns, and take a break too by playing wedding-themed games, which can help you de-stress from the reality of your wedding plans.

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