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April 15, 2011 5 min read

PLUS SIZE (A) -- When "Biggest Loser" contestant Damien Gurganious married his fiancee and teammate, fashion stylist Nicole Brewer, he donned a classic black tux from Men's Wearhouse. Black is the most popular tux color because it complements nearly every color scheme and is flattering to all sizes and skin tones. photo courtesy of Parris Whittingham

Wedding2011-01 WEDDING BELLS 2011

PLUS SIZE (B) -- Figure-flattering, classic and chic, this side-draped A-line gown, by Galina for David's Bridal, hides flaws and creates a slimming effect. photo courtesy of David's Bridal

Wedding2011-01 WEDDING BELLS 2011

SNAP! -- Wedding photographers are getting more personalized and less traditional shots these days. photo courtesy of Inku Yo

Wedding2011-03 WEDDING BELLS 2011

BRIDAL BROWS -- Many brides are getting their eyebrows done to complete that perfect look. photo courtesy of Kristin Daniell

Wedding2011-04 WEDDING BELLS 2011

BEVERAGES ON A BUDGET (A) -- Having a signature drink is a great way to save on the bar tab. photo courtesy of Nouvelle Soiree

Wedding2011-05 WEDDING BELLS 2011

BEVERAGES ON A BUDGET (B) -- Guests will not expect you to have every drink under the sun at your bar. photo courtesy of City Sip

Wedding2011-05 WEDDING BELLS 2011

BRIDESMAID GIFTS -- Jewelry that matches the bridesmaid dresses is a popular way for brides to show their appreciation of their bridesmaids. photo courtesy of Michaels Stores

Wedding2011-06 WEDDING BELLS 2011

AISLE DO (A) -- Aisle runners can add a memorable and personal touch to your ceremony. photo courtesy of The Original Runner Co.

Wedding2011-07 WEDDING BELLS 2011

AISLE DO (B) -- Inspired by celebrity weddings, the trend of having a fancy aisle runner has reached the masses. photo courtesy of The Original Runner Co.

Wedding2011-07 WEDDING BELLS 2011

LATE-NIGHT BITES -- Sliders are a great choice for late-night reception fare. photo courtesy of Culinary Delights

Wedding2011-08 WEDDING BELLS 2011

'SHOWER' HER WITH GIFTS AND LOVE -- Let the people coming to your bridal party know the theme. That may help them pick good gifts. photo courtesy of Nicole Hill Gerulat

Wedding2011-09 WEDDING BELLS 2011

FRUGAL FLOWERS -- Brides don't have to skimp to save money on flowers. It's all in the presentation. photo courtesy of HK Photography

Wedding2011-10 WEDDING BELLS 2011

GET WITH THE PROGRAM -- A wedding program is not mandatory, but it is a thoughtful gesture, a way to guide guests through the ceremony and offer a lasting keepsake of the day's events. photo courtesy of Phaedra Wilkinson

Wedding2011-11 WEDDING BELLS 2011

SOCIAL MEDIA -- Connect with a vast network of experts using social networking sites. photo courtesy of Mary Kate McKenna

Wedding2011-14 WEDDING BELLS 2011

DIY TRENDS (A) -- Laura Modisette did many things herself for her wedding, including making her bridal bouquet, because she wanted it to have personal touches. photo courtesy of Laura Modisette

Wedding2011-15 WEDDING BELLS 2011

DIY TRENDS (B) -- Printing your own menus is one way to add to your wedding creatively. photo courtesy of Meredith Rogers Photography

Wedding2011-15 WEDDING BELLS 2011

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