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By Nicole Reino

April 18, 2008 5 min read


Cupid was in charge of groom's big-screen debut

By Nicole Reino

Copley News Service

Minutes before the wedding, Jared Zacharias was nowhere to be found. His bride, Danielle Brett, called him on his cell phone to find out where he was. He told her not to worry - he'd be there.

After hanging up, he ate a bowl of oatmeal, bowled a game or two on Nintendo Wii, went out for frozen yogurt, washed the windows on his car, stopped by the arcade, and then finally made his way to the church.

His bride's reaction to all this frivolousness? Full-fledged happiness. After all, this is how she and Jared planned it.


If you're scratching your head right now, don't worry. This did not happen in real time. The above scenario was made possible by the magic of video. You see, Jared, 31, and Danielle, 26, have a love for video. In fact, making a video for the church they attend is what brought them together in the first place. When it came time to put their personal stamp on their wedding ceremony, they chose to make a video.

"We thought it would be fun for the audience," Jared said. "The general theme was the typical guy saying, 'It'll all come together,' and the typical bride saying, 'Where are you?'"

Jared was actually standing backstage at the church while the video of him galavanting around town, eating frozen yogurt and washing windows while continually saying "I have time," was being played.

The end of the video showed Jared pulling up, hurdling a wall and running into the church. As the video faded to black, Jared, struggling to get his jacket on, ran out onto the stage. The 200 guests cheered and the ceremony began.


The couple, who live in Escondido, Calif., made the video two weeks before the wedding. Danielle shot the footage while Jared made his acting debut. The couple has a videography business - Side by Side Video - alongside their day jobs. Jared, a political science teacher, and Danielle, a speech therapy assistant, edited the entire thing and added the song that's at the end of all three "Bourne" films - "Extreme Ways" by Moby - to close the video. The song played as Jared walked onstage.


Music from films was incorporated into the entire wedding and reception. The grandparents and parents were seated while music from "The Princess Bride" played. The groomsmen came out to a tune from "Transformers." The rest of the bridal party walked out to a song from "Gladiator." Danielle walked down the aisle to music from "The Fountain," and the couple's recessional was set to music from "Pirates of the Caribbean." They danced to Berlin's "Take My Breath Away" - from the film "Top Gun" - during the reception.

"It has a rumba beat and I taught Jared how to rumba," she said.


The reception was held at Williams Barn at Walnut Grove Park in nearby San Marcos, Calif. The barn's wooden exterior and interior worked with the couple's fall color scheme of burgundy, brown and cream.

During dinner, guests feasted on a buffet of chicken, mashed potatoes and salad while sipping wine, beer and punch cocktails. Danielle and Jared rented a photo booth for the post-dinner festivities. Guests were asked to put one print in the couple's guest book, and to take one home as a souvenir. Guests were also given champagne flutes filled with raspberry-flavored M&Ms.


Danielle's favorite part of the reception was the fight over her bouquet.

"You know how usually there are two girls who really go for it? Well, there were four or five fighting," Danielle said. "There were pieces of flowers all over the floor!" The maid of honor ended up winning the fight.


"I would encourage every guy to stand up for this one: don't see the bride ahead of time," Jared said. "This was my one request. I wanted to see her for the first time coming down the aisle. That was, by far, my favorite moment. It hit me really hard - bam, right in the heart. I got so choked up."

Her entrance, of course, was in real time.

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