Bachelorette Soirees Take On A Sophisticated Tone

By Maggie Reed

April 18, 2008 5 min read


Bachelorette soirees take on a sophisticated tone

By Maggie Reed

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Bachelorette parties have come a long way since the days of "Officer Hunky" showing up at the door with a boombox and tear-away costume. With sophisticated tastes, modern brides want to create a special time for everyone - from friends to future in-laws to flower girls.

The new trends in bachelorette parties call for indulgence and decadence.

Here are some of the top new bachelorette party ideas from Sharon Naylor, author of "The Ultimate Bridal Shower Idea Book" (Three Rivers Press, $14.95) and 30 additional wedding titles.

- A day at the spa: "There is more of a shift toward spa getaways nowadays," Naylor said. "This ensures more of a togetherness and special moments. It's more about health and well-being than getting drunk and being an idiot."

These days, the sky is the limit. You can choose to go to a spa or have the spa come to you. Many spas and specialists now offer house calls. Have it at your place, or better yet, at a great home of a great friend. Indulge in all sorts of massages, pedicures, manicures and skin treatments. And why not treat yourself to a catered meal while you're at it, along with some champagne and relaxing music. Another nice touch - give all your guests monogrammed spa robes as your favor gift!

- Photo sessions: Once again, go to a photo studio or have a professional photographer come to your home. Add a makeup artist and a hairdresser and you're ready to go. Remember, these photos can be used for home, business or personal uses.

- Food, wine and time: Why not skip the caterer, open some wine, chop some veggies and bond - the way families do during special times. According to Naylor, this is the essence of fellowship, far more meaningful than going out to a restaurant. And don't forget that with all that bonding, there are certainly going to be some culinary faux pax for great fodder in the coming years ... like how you lost track of time talking and the dinner rolls turned into croutons.

- A slumber party: On the same note of bonding, don't forget the age-old slumber party.

"It's so much fun to get back to that," Naylor said. Only this time mix in some margaritas and martinis with the Ouija board. "Order pizza, but go gourmet. Instead of mozzarella pizza, go goat cheese."

Sing, jump on the bed, stay up all night. And don't forget to make a big bowl of popcorn and throw in some wedding-related flicks. Invite your friends to dress in their own favorite pajamas, or better yet, have a set for each as your favor gift.

- Big events: Get some tickets to your favorite sports team and leave the guys behind. How about a fundraising gala? A new exhibit or play? A jazz or comedy club? Jazz will let you enjoy a small and cozy atmosphere with your friends while you best beware that if a comedian knows it's a bachelorette party, you'll be center stage.

- The great outdoors: Once again, who says you need the guys to go off-road. Book a biking tour, hike a mountain, rent some all-terrain vehicles in the desert, take surfing lessons, go horseback riding on the beach at sunset, try parasailing.

- Be artistic: Go to a local pottery or ceramics center. Most will rent out their spaces for private affairs, even letting you bring your own catered food and drinks. Think of the special gifts to be made, and shared, with your friends. A ceramics project that Naylor suggests has everyone paint their name and a message on a large serving platter and glazing it as a keepsake. Also popular are beading boutiques and places you can make personalized stuffed animals. "How much more fun could this be than to just go out and play for around $15?" Naylor said.

- Check out the local civic center: There are lots of events that can trip your trigger in your own backyard. Or, check out a nearby city. "Take a trip, take a train, stay overnight," Naylor said. "Try a flower show and keep in mind a different plan for favors or gifts to be given at your bachelorette party."

Most importantly, have fun and make sure you take lots of photos. Give everyone a camera to record and share those precious moments, Naylor said.

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