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By Cheryl Walker

April 18, 2008 4 min read


Big day is good excuse to indulge in spa treatments

By Cheryl Walker

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Guest list, invitations, flowers, caterer, photos. A bride has all these things - and many more - on her mind before her wedding. But sometimes she forgets the most important thing of all - herself.

According to a study from Cornell University, more than 70 percent of brides want to lose weight before the wedding.

"Most women engaged to be married idealize a wedding weight much lighter than their current weight," said Lori Neighbors, assistant professor of nutrition at the University of Wisconsin.

What is dangerous about this is that many women resort to extreme dieting using diet pills and fasting. A bride may lose weight, but it's not good for her health and she may end up seriously ill before her big day.

The Cornell study showed the average weight loss was about eight pounds.

"Given the pressures of the wedding and beginning a new life as a couple, engaged women should be encouraged to adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle rather than striving for a fleeting number on a scale or a temporary dress size," Neighbors said.

Taking care of beauty, including weight loss, should start several months before the wedding - especially when it comes to hair care. Diet is not just important for the figure, but for the hair as well. With proper care and diet, hair can have a naturally vibrant.

If a bride-to-be is going to experiment with hairstyles, permanents or coloring, this should be done several months before the wedding. If it doesn't turn out the way expected, then there is time to fix it. No bride wants the added stress of hair being curlier hair than she expected, the wrong color or even having an allergic reaction to processing.

In addition to your regular shampooing and conditioning routine, you may also want to consult a beautician about herbal and aromatic treatments that will not only improve your hair but also help relieve stress.

Another way to combat the stress of wedding planning is with body massages and facials. If the bride has difficult skin or is subject to any disorders, she should contact her local spa for aesthetic treatments beginning at least six months prior to the wedding.

"If a woman has skin issues, a monthly facial is usually typical," said Rhonda Krstovski, spa director of Bellissima Spa in Escondido, Calif. "The better the skin, the better the makeup looks."

Krstovski also recommends a bride have a total body exfoliation.

"This keeps the skin nice and hydrated, which make her body glow as well as her face," she said.

Any waxing, including legs, underarms or brows, should be done at least two weeks before the wedding. This allows time for the normal redness to disappear or for recovery in case there is an allergic reaction.

Massages, especially aromatherapy, are good for the body.

"A bride really needs to relieve all the wedding stress and aromatherapy is really good for that," Krstovski said.

In the past few years, spa appointments have become very popular for brides as well as the whole wedding party.

"We find that brides will have a spa day with their wedding party instead of a bachelorette party," said Krstovski. "It's good because instead of putting toxins in their body, they're taking them out."

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