Choosing The Appropriate Fence To Install

By Mark J. Donovan

January 30, 2013 3 min read

So you're thinking about installing a fence in your backyard. There are a number of fence types to choose from today. When choosing a fence to install, you need to consider what the main reason is for the fence. For example, is it for enclosing a pool, or is it for privacy? Is it for aesthetics or for simply keeping the children or pets confined to an area in the backyard? By first understanding the purpose of the fence, you can then choose the most appropriate style fence for your situation.

*Aluminum Fences

If you want a rugged high-quality fence, an aluminum fence is your ticket. Aluminum fences are aesthetically very attractive, are highly corrosion-resistant and are very functional. They won't rust and are virtually maintenance-free. In addition, because of how the paint color is applied to the aluminum fencing, there is never a concern of chipping or peeling paint.

Aluminum fences are ideal for enclosing pools and for keeping in pets. They come in numerous styles and designs, so there is a fence type for even the most finicky of fence shoppers. They are a bit pricey, however, so plan to dish out a little more money than other fence types.

*Wrought-Iron Fences

These days, new wrought-iron fences are often used to enclose pools. They're also more commonly found encompassing yards of high-end residential property. Besides providing a classic and sophisticated look, wrought-iron fences are considered heavy-duty fences. Consequently, they are ideal for security reasons. The only real downside with wrought-iron fences, other than the fact that they are very expensive, is that they can rust over time. As a result, they need periodic maintenance to keep them looking like new.

*Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fences are the most commonly installed fence today. They can provide both security and privacy, and they come in various sizes, styles and colors. They are often used today for enclosing pools, patios and backyards. One of the main attributes of vinyl fencing is that it is maintenance-free. It will not weather, rust or fade, though it can crack if hit hard, particularly if it is hit hard in colder weather. Vinyl fencing is also the most economical of fencing materials, relative to the other two fence types listed in this article.

So again, before buying and installing a new fence, first make sure you know the main purpose of the fence. After you've come to a conclusion on its main purpose, you can then better choose the appropriate fence to install.

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