Shining Bright

By Sharon Naylor

April 7, 2014 4 min read

In spring and summer, your sunglasses make a statement. They're a focal point for all who see you, illustrating your sense of style and personality. Winter's heavy, blockier, dark sunglasses have given way to a new world of color and vivid pattern this season, and eyewear websites Stylesight and Eyecessorize announced the biggest trends in sunglasses for 2014:

--1970s appeal. For a throwback feel, these sunglasses feature rosy-tinted shades or gold-tinted shades that create a sepia effect, what stylistas often call "the Instagram look." Materials include '70s-staple tortoise print and understated wooden frames. Colors include the hot hue of cinnamon, as well as canary yellow, hot pink and bright orange -- all typical of the era.

--Angular. Men's sunglasses bring in a geometric style, with triangular, extended rectangular and hexagonal frames. Metal frames boast an industrial appeal. Contours are simple, and matte frames complete the look for men who don't want too much shine in their sunglasses.

--Aquatic. Stylesight and Eyecessorize agree that aquatic is making a splash. Inspired by the ocean, this trend features vibrant blues, turquoises, teals and cloudy sea-glass shades. In keeping with the calming effect, aquatic sunglasses feature partially clear frames rather than mirrored frames. Working with the aquatic trend are moonlight whites and grays with soft curved styles for women.

--Garden. Sunglasses take on a springlike or summery garden theme via earthy greens and flowery pinks. Ranging from soft to bright shades such as fuchsia, they evoke a sense of spring foliage. Floral prints on frames are extremely popular, and a butterfly-shaped silhouette is also trending with all ages.

--Sparkles. For those who love all things bright and shiny, include a selection of shades with sparkly effects, from a subtle shimmer to a bolder bedazzle.

--Black and white. A sophisticated pairing, this sunglasses trend arises from the overall fashion trend of black and white patterns. Frames can be geometric, floral, striped -- any combination of black and white that also feels mod.

--1950s inspiration. Speaking of retro, Stylesight and Eyecessorize emphasize classic old-school glamour with 1950s-era geometric influences like chunky rounds and squares, and especially cat-eye shapes for women. Additional details for this trend include "ombre effects and translucent finishes, to linear metallic accents, keyhole bridges and browline emphasis," according to the experts at Eyecessorize. While many attribute bright colors to the '60s and '70s, this era boasts colors like citrus orange, salmon pink, olive green, jet-black, ivory and tortoise.

--Aviators. They're still with us for spring and summer, as a classic, evergreen style, but they're oversized this season, as is the silhouette of sunglasses overall.

--Textures. The trend reports mention soft marbled and textured effects, adding depth to sunglasses styles, an effect that makes them look richer than non-textured styles looking plastic and one-dimensional.

--Neutral. Matte blacks, pebble grays and polished metallics add neutral flair to sunglasses, easily allowing them to pair with a wide range of outfit colors.

--Brights. Stylesight and Eyecessorize call this season's hues a "riot of color," featuring "minty to algae greens, cool to electrifying blues and opaque to zesty citruses."

--Browbars. The look for men is a strong silhouette at the brow, and the style for women is more integrated and subtler, often with a keyhole bridge to let the frames or the tinted shades make the statement.

The overall trend in warm-weather sunglasses this year is statement-making visual appeal and design. And of course, any pair of sunglasses needs strong UV-blocking capabilities to protect eyes and help prevent wrinkles.

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