Comfy Fashion

By Julie Price

April 7, 2014 4 min read

Whoever said fashion has to be uncomfortable has never worn drop-crotch baggy pants. They're one of those fashion trends that at first looked incredibly ugly. But just as with any trend, distaste slowly turns into intrigue, intrigue into desire, and the next thing you know, you've got three pairs in your pants drawer. But seriously, what better way to go from work (pair them with a blazer) to the gym (you can actually wear them to yoga) and then to meet your friends (top off your blouse with a chunky necklace)? They're a cooler version of sweatpants that somehow make your inner rock star come out when you, well, rock them.

"Sex and the City" was an acclaimed series, but it also made women across the planet feel guilty about wearing anything shorter than 4-inch stiletto heels as they hopped the subway, worked a 10-hour day and, in some cases, showed up to support their kids' soccer games. Fabulous? Heck no! Painful.

Thankfully, over the past few years, designers have come out with lower-heeled power pumps that are just as sexy as those gorgeous yet shin-splinting alternatives. From the narrow toe to the rounder 1950s standard, you can comfortably conjure a sophisticated Audrey Hepburn and save your knees and back a lot of trouble in the meantime. Of course, you can rock lower-heeled booties almost any time of the year with leggings and a sweater, a cute little summer dress, or even shorts and a T-shirt for a little more leg without any extra effort.

Tribal prints are another fashion must if you love to splash up your wardrobe with bright colors. Because the prints have so much going on, the material and fabric of these looks are often beautifully simplistic in response. The intricate patterns are so detail-oriented and well crafted that the human eye is drawn to the design and automatically believes it took a lot of work to create. Tribal prints are like walking art -- comfortable walking art that can be paired with comfortable shoes such as neon or even black flats.

Oversize sweaters are the perfect way to stay warm on those chilly spring and summer nights, but paired with the right accessories, they can turn a cozy look extremely chic in that "I just threw this together in two seconds" kind of way. You can find these sweaters priced as low as $20 at H&M and as high as $495 from Theory.

Pair these sweaters with shorts and booties, flats or wedges if you live in an area that is warm enough. For those of you in colder regions, wear one over patterned pants, leggings or your favorite pair of jeans with some beautiful high-cut boots or heels. Don't forget to add unique touches such as a fun jewel ring or some hoop earrings, or wear your hair up with some braids on the side. But try to avoid scarves, as that will start to feel like you have too much hanging on you and weighing you down, as opposed to that light feminine pop that jewelry provides.

Just like those cutesy oversize sweaters, scarves are the fashion equivalent of macaroni and cheese: the comfort food of accessories! If you're having one of those days when you feel like wearing all black, just add a printed scarf around your neck as the little bit of flair that makes you you. Plus, it kind of feels like someone is hugging you, and we all have those days when we need as many hugs as we can get.

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