Bringing Spring Indoors

By Sara Mendell

March 11, 2013 4 min read

For many of us, winter can be a time of staying indoors. Spring brings forth warmer temperatures, new birth of animals and flowers in bloom. The trees go from having bare and desolate branches to having full leaves and flowers. We open our windows in order to smell the newly blooming flowers.

So how do we bring this spring awareness into the decoration of our homes? There are many ways to transform your house into a blossoming garden. When decorating your living room, think about using mirrors or lamps that have wood in the shape of twigs or other elements of nature. Potted plants on top of a fireplace will ignite garden imagery.

Another way to bring spring into the home is to add bright colors that are found in nature. You could use a pillow, a throw blanket or even a rug. Bright pinks and yellows or deep reds and greens can make any room pop with life. Some traditional spring blooms include baptisias, peonies, azaleas and hyacinths. Try layering in nature by pairing a painting of flowers with some potted plants. Look for houseplants that can survive in low light, such as peperomias, pileas or ferns.

Pretty pastel floral wallpaper used in the bathroom can add tranquility and peace. You could pair it with a vase and pick natural rocks in the bottom of the vase with some freshly cut flowers.

For larger projects, consider adding French or Dutch doors with a bright white trim. Look for any area in which you can add larger windows in order to bring more of the outdoors indoors. Another tip for brightening up a room is to paint dull or old wood floors white. This gives the whole room a clean and crisp look. Colors on the walls can also cultivate a spring-fresh feel in each room. Mint and aloe greens are known to have a very calming effect and go nicely with a spring garden theme.

Aside from flowers, spring is a time for animals to be born. Horses are beautiful animals, and paintings or drawings of them can bring sophistication and elegance to your home. For a more layered effect, you could hang metal hooves next to a painting or photograph. Images of birds also evoke feelings of freedom -- perhaps the freedom of the warmth of the sunshine and being able to open your doors.

One more element of nature that can be a nice accent to homes is an ocean theme. Begin by painting the room a restful color, such as a blue or green found in the ocean. Once the walls are a peaceful shade of blue or green, you should use primarily white furniture and curtains to provide a clean look. Linen is a very nice fabric to complement a beach-themed room. As with the bright floral pillows for a garden look, adding in aqua-colored pillows, throw blankets and rugs brings the ocean's beautiful colors into the room. Adding pops of orange can bring in the feeling of a setting sun. Obtaining vases and lamps made from natural elements such as shells can add a nice touch to the room.

In summary, there are many ways to bring spring into your home. We have touched upon three elements of nature -- plants, animals and the ocean. Whether your dream relaxation comes from walking through a garden of fresh flowers or riding a beautiful horse at sunset or lying on a beach while listening to the waves and feeling sand on your toes, you can bring it into your home this season.

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