Nail Trends

By Simone Slykhous

March 11, 2013 4 min read

Diagonal stripes, colorblocking, metallics and sparkly dip-dye -- if you think these are new clothing trends for spring, you wouldn't be alone. However, instead of these trends infiltrating your closet, they will be found right at your fingertips -- literally. Nail fashion, which has been growing increasingly more popular, is really hitting its stride this spring with minimalistic beauty.

More and more, nail color experts are working hand in hand with designers at fashion weeks to customize their runway shows. Zoya, OPI, Essie, RGB and other nail polish companies have infiltrated the fashion world to such a degree that nails, no longer an afterthought, are statement accessories. Here are some ways to work this season's hot nail trends.


Metallic nails are neutral yet exciting. Much like metallic shoes, nails in these tones add a pop of something extra without fighting for control of your ensemble. Metallic nails have been seen on the runway, in magazines and on the digits of celebrities. Jessica Chastain, one of the front-runners for best actress at the Academy Awards, wore gold polish on the big night. That same night, Stacy Keibler's best accessory might have been George Clooney, but her metallic rose gold nails came in a close second. So whether it's gold, silver or bronze, you will always come out a winner with metallic nails.


One of the biggest trends for the spring 2013 runway shows was pale nail polish. From Gucci to Chanel to Rag & Bone to Marc Jacobs, pale nails ruled the catwalk. Unlike the neon bright colors that permeated the nail scene last spring, these soft hues make a statement without detracting attention from your clothing. If you fear blending in with other pale nail wearers, try using an interesting finish, such as matte. The flat finish looks very different from the normal glistening of regular polish. For example, a matte French manicure with regular polish tips can stand out while staying on trend.


But don't let all this talk of soft nail colors bum you out for buying up the trendy bright shades of yesteryear. Including accents with these stronger colors is incredibly trendy. For example, use a soft cream polish as a base and then apply a popular color from last year, such as coral or seafoam green, in a diagonal stripe across the top. These half-and-half nail colors were also featured on the 2013 runway for spring. Adding geometric shapes -- such as crescent moons, diamonds or rectangles -- in varying colors can spice up your fingertips and utilize new and old polishes.


Many celebrities are known for their extravagance. There was even a TV show -- "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous," hosted by Robin Leach -- based on the ridiculous ways celebrities spend their millions. We've seen hundreds of thousands of dollars blown on cars, boats, clothes and even pets. But the past awards season also showed the world that many celebrities are willing to give their nails the royal treatment. At the 2012 Emmy Awards, Kelly Osbourne was picked to wear a $250,000 black diamond manicure. Though she didn't pay for the 267 carats herself, somebody thought it was worth it. We mere mortals don't have the dough or the celebrity to pull this off, but interesting designs and sparkly edges can make your nails look like a quarter-million bucks, too. Sparkly dip-dye nails add shine and sheen without overwhelming the wearer.

Anne Hathaway jumped on the extravagant nail trend and has been seen sporting pearl accents on her tips. It is the classy look for a classy lady and can easily be replicated with a toothpick, some white nail polish and a steady hand. Even Quvenzhane Wallis, the 9-year-old Oscar phenom, got a Chanel manicure before the Academy Awards. With an adorable crystal charm bow on each middle finger, it was age-appropriate extravagance.

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