Flower Motif Jewelry

By Julia Price

March 11, 2013 4 min read

It's no secret that most girls love flowers and jewelry. Combining those two loves into one creates the perfect storm of femininity, and it comes in the form of an accessory that every woman can count on to lighten her mood: flower jewelry. There's just something about wearing a rose ring that brings out your inner child every time you look down at your hand, and this spring and summer are the perfect times to start rocking your floral bling.

Designer Oscar de la Renta is notorious for keeping his collections full of classic femininity while also appealing to the modern fashionista. His spring 2013 collection is filled with flower jewelry that reflects his longtime brand. You're not going to see your grandmother's gold rose brooch rocking the runway, but you can expect old-school glamour with a twist: small, edgy details added to make such pieces attractive to modern tastes. Big, bright selections such as a turquoise and yellow daisy bracelet afford an otherwise simple outfit a chic pop of color. The right pieces can move from day to night and will enhance your look by adding both elegance and whimsy.

While de la Renta prices can run pretty steep, Forever 21 does a great job of replicating runway looks with extremely affordable alternatives. Generally, you'll find rings priced between $2 and $6, and necklaces cost about $5 to $15. Keep in mind that while even high-quality jewelry can lose color after years of exposure to the sun, inexpensive jewelry usually starts changing color much more quickly. However, sacrificing quality doesn't necessarily mean sacrificing style.

Pinterest is a great tool to help you pick out the right floral jewelry for daily life or for specific occasions such as prom. You can generally find what you're looking for by typing all of the desired keywords into your search engine. (Include "Pinterest" somewhere in there.) Then browse for hours on different user boards. Sometimes these boards even include DIY options for all of you creative types out there who are adventurous enough to tackle making your own jewelry. It's also a great source for unearthing unique designs that you wouldn't find in your local mall or shopping center.

For those of you who feel that the floral jewelry theme is a little too soft for your taste, some designers are going so far as to add spikes (thorns, perhaps?) to roughen up the flower theme a bit. That Madonna Girl is a rising designer who blends flower power with her New York City background to capture the look and feel of "summer in the city" in jewelry form. TMG has pieces that can be worn both as a necklace and as a headband, in styles ranging from free-flowing hippie-chick (Paris Hilton has been sporting these lately) to gritty industrial.

If you're looking for a more authentic way to wear flowers as jewelry, Fleurings has developed jewelry in the form of mini vases: Just add water and, get this, real flowers! The tiny vase earrings and necklaces allow you to actually go outside, pick a flower that matches your outfit or mood that day, give it a little trim at the stem, and place it in your vase accessory of choice (after filling it with water, of course). Celebrities including Jennifer Love Hewitt and Christina Milian have caught on to this unique way of sporting floral arrangements.

But if you're looking for the most natural way to wear a flower, there's always the simple carnation tucked behind your ear. It's a look you can get away with for nearly every type of function -- and it's the most cost-efficient option of them all.

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